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7/2/13 12:49 A

Here is the link to the website:

I can't see the menu either, but they indicate it will download if you click on the link (probably a PDF form).

I can't imagine that any nutritional information from that place will be good news.

Here is a link to a local greasy spoon from around here
The nutritional information wasn't on their website either, but since I'm in California here, they would email it on request, and this other website must have requested and then posted it.

I do go there sometimes, and I ask for no mayo, or they put about a quarter cup on. the hamburgers do come piled high with vegies. Their onions are a solid full diameter slice, and they give you two--enough to bring tears to your eyes.

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7/1/13 12:59 P

Did you try to google it? Or call them?

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7/1/13 12:20 P

Does anyone have the nutritional Information for Fat Pattys restaurant? I cannot find it any where. Thanks.

Teresa Kaye, Thanks for listening.

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