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2/8/13 1:12 P

haha, I have seen Fast Food nation... and that, combined with food inc., (which I thought would certainly turn me vegan but my love of all things beef and chicken won out), did do one good thing for me... I only buy my meat off local farmers now... it's pricey and I am poor, so I only get to eat meat a couple of times a week, but it's damn good and makes me feel good about it emoticon :)

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2/8/13 12:58 P is one of the most interesting places to be on the internet, i swear...

Oh, and how could i forget - Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation. It's a book! It's a video! It's... gonna turn you off ground beef for life... heh.

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2/8/13 11:28 A

Another vote for Hungry for Change. I also liked Food Inc., although it's less about actual nutrition and more about the state of the food industry, but still very interesting.

There's a whole series of Ted Talks videos about food related subjects, the series is called "TEDTalks: Chew On This", and there's 14 episodes. Jamie Oliver's is one of them. I watched them on Netflix on the computer.... I think I'll watch them again too.

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2/8/13 9:31 A

side note: if anyone gets the chance, watch Food Forward... I think it's PBS... its fantastic

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2/8/13 9:30 A

never heard of ted talk.. just checked it out... very cool :) Downloading Hungry for Change now, and on to the rest of your suggestions next!

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2/8/13 8:49 A

I loveeeee Jamie Oliver's ted talk on food.... extremely informative. Just search for it in the ted talk website :)

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2/8/13 7:33 A

awesome guys, thanks!! We don't get a lot of ads in Canada for docs, so hard to find them unless pointed in the right direction... I am even cool with the agendas of all of them cause I am finally in a place where I simply just listen, and not act on things they say (like a couple of years ago, if I saw that sick and nearly dead flick, I would be on a juice fast lol). Now though, I still plan on finding a juicer, but only to replace boxed juices for my son, and to get some more greens in me :)

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2/7/13 11:13 P

Anything by Michael Pollan, Food Inc. is just one of his - try "Food Rules for Healthy People and Planet," "A Plant's-Eye View" (quite hilarious) or "Fast Food World." (talks all available on Youtube and or TED). He also has a talk discussing his book, "The Omnivore's Dilemna" (great book btw)... and lots of others.

Either of these talks by Vandana Shiva (my hero, so she gets a link :) )>

Actually, a good place to start is to go to and search "Food" - you will find so much interesting stuff!

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2/7/13 10:55 P

Weight of the Nation is good. It's a four-part tv doc. I've also seen Food Matters and Forks over Knives.

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2/7/13 9:56 P

Have you seen Hungry for Change? I saw that one last week. It's inspired me to eat more whole foods. :) My only criticism is that at the end it devolves into a detox and juicing infomercial, but the rest of it's cool, and really makes you think.

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2/7/13 9:34 P

My new fave thing to do is load up documentaries on my samsung and watch them while I walk on the treadmill at the gym... I love food-based ones, because they totally motivate me to keep going on this journey... what are your favorites? I have seen the big ones over the years- food inc, super size me, etc... just watched fat, sick and nearly dead... I need more great foodie docs!

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