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6/4/13 7:23 A

You are probably getting more of these nutrients than your report shows. Niether of the nutrients mentioned is mandated to be listed on a food label, so if a member is using the nutrition label to input data, the amounts will not be available---even though the food may be a good source.

For food sources of potassium and magnesium, click this link. Select "nutrient lists", then select the nutrient you want by amount. You will get an extensive listing of foods. Hope this helps.

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6/3/13 9:51 P

Hey! I started sprakpeople yesterday and I have been tracking my food. It is saying that I need more pot. and mag. in my diet. What is the best food to eat to put them in my diet?

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6/3/13 12:32 P

The only "health benefit" I can think of over just eating the fruits and vegetables is that it allows you to "sneak in" items you may not like, or otherwise eat. For example, I really really really don't like bananas, but I know they're nutritionally awesome and can stand some banana if it's otherwise masked by other less gross flavors, LOL. I also know a lot of people that add kale to their smoothies, that wouldn't otherwise choose to eat kale. So if it encourages you to eat more fruits/veggies than you normally would, that's great. But there's not really a benefit to drinking vs eating the same salad, and as others have said you may miss the "I'm full" cue.

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6/3/13 12:12 P

Becky (of course) gave a very intelligent answer.

While I don't mind creating smoothies, which contain the FULL fruit or veggie (or both), I do find that it leads to consuming more - because it's so easy to drink my calories, rather than chewing them, taking the time to actually feel full, and enjoy every bit.

5/31/13 7:27 P

There is no truth to the claim that "pulverizing your fruits/veggies is better nutritionally than chewing them."

However, the Nutri Bullet does allow you to pulverize and include even the fiberous parts of the fruit and veggies. It does not spit out the fiber as do some juicers---so this is good that the fiber is included in your smoothie.

For somepeople, chewing fruits and veggies slows down the eating process allowing the stomach and brain to recognize fullness and not eat as much--- which is good. Beverages are often consumed quickly and one will eat more before the sign of fullness is received. For other people, this is not an issue or concern.

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5/31/13 3:32 P


I am rethinking my NutriBullet, and was wondering if an expert could give some thoughts. First off- I really like it. I have no complaints about the quality of the smoothies, or what I know I am putting into them. I eat OK already, but I think i am eating a little better, as a result of using this for my breakfast (assorted fruit, kale/spinach, chia/hemp seeds, oats, etc.), and for a side along with my sandwich for lunch (kale/spinach, tomatoes, pepper, carrots), etc.

So, if i am getting quality foods, and it is keeping me full, win, Correct?

Follow-up: if I am essentially drinking my salad instead of eating it at lunch, is thee really much of a health benefit? Is there any basis for NutiBullet's claim that pulverizing it into a drink instead of eating the salad is a nutitional advancement? Just curious.

Again- I feel I am eating better and making good choices. Just wondering if my "blast" at lunch is really better than the same foods in a salad?!

Thank you.

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