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6/24/13 12:34 A

Thanks ... That makes perfect sense once you think about it. I'll just keep substituting.

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6/23/13 2:06 P

You have to substitute. The program that generates the meal plans can only look at food names, not ingredients. If there were a no-nuts option, it could avoid giving you peanut butter or walnuts, etc, but it couldn't avoid suggesting Kung Pao chicken or mortadella (although I doubt that's on the menu plans) or Brand Y low-fat granola. They don't want people with allergies to assume the menu is "safe" just because they checked a no-nuts option. The computer isn't smart enough to be trustworthy.

MOMMADOG3 SparkPoints: (129)
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6/23/13 10:52 A

I am new to Spark People - My daughter has been using the "pregnant and breastfeeding" area with great results.

As someone with an allergy to nuts, however, I find myself once again frustrated, in that I cannot set my nutrition preferences to indicate that I cannot eat nuts. It is so disheartening to repeatedly have nut dishes and snacks appear in my recommended menu plan. Am I missing something? I found places to indicate if I was vegetarian (I'm TOTALLY carnivorous!! LOL), but can find no where to indicate that I cannot eat nuts. Do I need to just work with this and keep substituting when these recommendations appear in the menu plan, or is there a way to eliminate these choices so that they do not appear in my plan???

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