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11/6/12 3:17 P

Glad this question was asked! I have been wondering about them. I had purchased that steam cooker years ago (cooks with its own steam, no oil/butter needed). It was horrible.
I keep seeing these ads for the air-fryers.. I think I may get one. :)

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11/6/12 10:57 A

Tracy, in using your air oven does it make crispy zucchini chips - I love fried zucchini but would like it to be healthier. Thanks so much, MAMAG43

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8/31/12 4:48 P

Thanks Tracy. I think I might get one.

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8/31/12 4:17 P

I have one and use mine daily. Makes good crispy french fries, chicken wings, fish. You cant go wrong with this one. Ive had one in my kitchen for over 2 years

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8/30/12 8:42 P

I do not fry a lot. Eggplant and zucchine chips are my weakness and sweet potato fries when I am doing fish and chips. I have tried over baked and it just does not seem to work. After watching and infomercial I became interested in their concept of "air frying". I have googled reviews and watched utube videos that seem to indicate it works. Does anyone here have a NuWave and how does it work for "frying".

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