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2/24/14 1:06 P

This used to happen to me when I first started intense workouts and it took a few months for my body to adjust. What really helped was doing a long cool down with plenty of stretching and even some light yoga and hour before bed. A long hot bath with a cup of camomile tea or a cup of hot water with magnesium caltrate really helped as well.

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2/24/14 12:45 P

THE recovery would be to slow down some on the bike before you get off. You also should try and get some kind of recovery food in you the 1st 30 minutes after exercising as that is when your body needs it most.

Good luck

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2/24/14 11:47 A

Thanks everyone for your feedback. It is most helpful!

Motivated@Last, my cooldown is fairly short. That's a good suggestion. I will try that today. Thanks!

Zurichman, I wasn't really TRYING to exhaust myself, it was just happening on it's down. :) I wasn't too concerned because I thought surely my body would sleep eventually. Just taking a little longer than I anticpated. When you say "recovery" do you mean the cool down part or food? I eat a snack before but I don't really do a "recovery" meal until I get home (about an hour later). I may bring a small snack for after. Thanks!

Slimmerkiwi, The only other time that works with my work schedule is 5am. I love the class...but not that much. Ha!

Cheetara79, that guide looks like a wonderful way to wind down, whether I work out or not. Thanks for the link!

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2/24/14 10:34 A

I have found that guided meditation can really help my mind relax so that I can sleep. Here is a sample:

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2/24/14 2:12 A

If you are able, it would possibly be better for you to do the work-out earlier still in the day .... perhaps when you get up? it's worth a try!


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2/23/14 8:11 P

It sounds like you are looking at this the wrong way. I thought I read that you were trying to exhaust yourself so you could go to sleep better. I think you should be looking for recovery after your workouts so you can sleep better. The other option is trying googling thinks that help you to sleep better like warm milk or something like that.

Good luck

When exercising you have to just keep moving one foot at a time.
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2/23/14 7:22 P

Some people do find it difficult to get to sleep while their body is still wound up from working out. But typically this is only for a period of 2-3 hours afterwards, and it sounds like you are allowing more time than this.

Perhaps try ensuring that you are properly rehydrated after your workout. Also, make sure you are warming down adequately after bootcamp.


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2/23/14 5:53 P

Last week I started a boot camp. I went four days in a row (yeeeaaahhh!) but I canNOT sleep afterwards. Camp is from 4-5pm so I get done in plenty of time before bedtime. However, I find myself just lying awake until 2-3 in the morning. I thought surely after a couple of days, I would exhaust myself to the point of HAVING to sleep, but it didn't happen. I went Monday through Thursday and my "off days" were Friday and Saturday. I slept better but still not sleeping more than 5 hours or so. I hate the idea of sleeping pills and don't want to go that route. Any thoughts/suggestions?

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