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5/26/13 11:27 P

Sparkpeople has a great article on overtraining here that may help:

In addition, the weight gain could actually be attributed to your increased exercise routine. Not because of increased muscle, but increased water retention! This is a normal, temporary reaction as your muscles adapt to the new demands you've placed on them.

More here:

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5/26/13 10:09 P

You've gotten good advice below. You can get a HRM for $30 on amazon

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5/26/13 2:36 P

It's only been a few weeks, so that is probably not a plateau. While it would be nice, weight loss is not a linear process- Some weeks you lose, some weeks you don't. A plateau is if your weight loss stalls out for 4-6 or more, and you haven't hit that time period yet.

Also, If you increased your exercise, you should probably increase your calories consumed. You body needs fuel to function, and if it is not getting what it needs, that can stall your weight loss. So rather than keep it under 1500, try to get it closer to the top of your range and see if that changes things.

It does sound like you are over training- pace is slower, and you feel tired, and you are not losing? All signs of over training. Maybe switch it up a little and try different things. Also, incorporate strength training because that has a huge impact on weight loss- It looks like you primarily do cardio, so body weight or resistance training may help you lose.

Best of luck.

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5/26/13 2:08 P

Try mixing it up some times that platue happens when your body is getting bored try something new one a day or two a week see what that does. Our bodies like variety I hope this helps and if you need anything I am only a message away Good luck you can do it

5/26/13 1:41 P

Hello all! I've spent the last couple of weeks reading various things-trying to figure out what exactly is causing my weight loss to go from slow-to now going up. I realize that muscle will hold onto water, and that is the cause of the scale being up right now-but, I'm still in the obese category (I have to get to 169 to be "just overweight" according to BMI) so I'm not close to healthy/goal weight. My measurements aren't changing, and 5 pounds of fat weighs the same as 5 pounds of muscle on a scale-and building muscle while on a calorie deficit isn't happening. So here goes:
April 8 & 15th: 180
April 22: 178
May 6: 175 (2 week loss, didn't weigh in week before)
May 13: 173
May 20: 172.2
This morning: 172.8...

When I maintained at the beginning of April, I started increasing my working out, currently I am doing:
Mon.: Jog 30 seconds/walk 30 seconds for 2 miles, 30-40 minutes of weights/compound exercise video
Tues.: 25 minutes on elliptical for a total of 2.6 miles-doing interval training, 1 hour yoga class
Wed.: Repeat of Monday
Thu.: Repeat of Tuesday
Friday: Jog 30 seconds/walk 30 seconds for 3 miles (working up to 3.5 miles next Friday), same weight/compound exercise time as Mon/Wed.
Sat & Sun: Rest days, just do the usual cleaning/housework

The last 2 weeks Sparkpeople upped my minimum calories due to the amount of calories it estimated I was burning. I don't have a HRM, and financially that isn't an option right now. I do weigh everything I eat, and I kept under 1500 calories every day (minimum the last 2 weeks was 1250 and max 1650).

Based on everything I read, it seemed like I was hitting a "plateau" so I needed to work harder-so I did. But my pace doing the outside runs is getting slower not faster and I feel tired-so tired it's harder now to motivate myself to workout. I guess I don't know which one it is-should I be working out even more/harder or have I over trained and my body isn't recovering? It doesn't seem like I'm doing enough that it is over-training? I want to be getting stronger, I want to lose weight-I am hoping someone here will have some pointers!

The scale number and lack of change even in inches isn't helping either. I started my plan in mid June. My original goal was to be at goal the end of September, then I moved it to Halloween, now it's moved to Thanksgiving-and I'm no longer on the line for then either.

So, anyone have ideas? Thanks for reading :)

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