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4/24/13 8:57 P

Sounds like you're doing a Great job with those inches lost! Wow!

I agree w the previous poster and recommend adding some weight training. I trained for a ran 2 half marathons about a year and a half ago. The inches came off but the scale barely moved. And I was logging 10 mile runs on weekends at decent paces! Finally started trying free weights and a P90X style workout as cross training. The weight fell off!

Of course, I stopped all of it and got lazy..... But I'm back in the game now!

And you are too! :-D

AIMLESS_AM Posts: 1,901
4/24/13 3:37 P

If you haven't incorporated strength training into your routine, along with cardio, I'd recommend it. I logged so much cardio I was running in my sleep and never lost a pound. As soon as I started lifting weights along with my cardio, I started losing.

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4/24/13 9:50 A

Hi everyone! Yep, I have been tracking my calories and exercise using the trackers Spark gives :) Even if I find myself nibbling on something I'll still track it.

AMANDA65899 Posts: 19
4/24/13 8:28 A

I am having a hard time with loosing weight too. I started on the first of April and lost 8 pounds, but the scale has not changed in a week and it is very frustrating. I keep a log of all the food I eat. I am walking/ jogging intervals on the treadmill every day for 30 minutes, the last two days I have increased the length of time I go on it to see if that changes anything, and nothing. I eat healthy, the only thing I can think of that I am doing wrong is I have a few crispy mini's if I watch tv at night, but I log them and I still am under the amount of calories I should eat in one day.

4/24/13 3:36 A

I would recommend keeping a food diary with the time, food, how much and calories of everything that enters into your mouth. Trust me when I say this can be quite an eye opener! As for myself, I can log some serious calories in drinks alone (soda, juice, teas) so I know I have to substitute something else to help the numbers on the scale to decrease. It is great that you are working out and I would not quite that but could it be that you are also gaining some muscle weight which is part of the reason the scale is not showing any "weight loss"? If the scale is seemingly stuck perhaps you can monitor your measurements with the tape measure instead for the time being and pay a little more attention to that for a little bit until the numbers on the scale decide to budge in the right direction. I too have suffered such frustrations and I had to rely on my trusty tape measure and some muscle toning for a little bit after a month stall on the scale and shazzam... several pounds just dropped off. I hope you find what works for you!

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4/24/13 2:39 A

Well, you may be doing something wrong...but it's very hard to tell with such limited info...if you are eating well and exercising, try and ignore the scales for awhile....

Question - are you tracking your fitness activity and nutrition? Highly recommend doing so as it will be a total eye opener that can help you get focussed if may be making all sorts of innocent errors...

Good luck!

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4/23/13 9:16 P

I am absolutely baffled. I am barely losing weight (heck, scale went up almost three pounds after going out to eat!) Don't get me wrong, I am happy as HECK I have lost 4.5 inches so far and my endurance, for the most part, is much better and I feel stronger. But why the heck is the scale not really moving? Am I doing something wrong? Should I just not worry about it and keep doing what I'm doing?

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