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1/23/12 10:46 P

If you were eating enough, you would be seeing weight loss. You're not eating enough. You're not losing weight. Einstein defined insanity as "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." That's what you're doing. Keep on eating too little and not losing weight if it makes you happy, but if you want to see a change, you need to eat more. For at least two months, I lost a steady two pounds each week by eating at the high end of my recommended range and doing both cardio and strength. With our height differences, we probably had nearly nearly-identical BMIs, which means you could have results like that too. But you have to EAT MORE.

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1/23/12 8:55 P

Assuming you are accurate in you calorie counting (and the reason I say that is you mention eating nuts for protein - while nuts make great snacks they are high in fat and calories and it can be very easy to overindulge unless you really measure out each serving and restrict yourself to that serving - ask me how I know - I love nuts!!), then I think you are actually not eating enough and not exercising smartly. Weight training will not lead to bulky muscles!! And, long cardio sessions are counter productive. You would be much better off doing shorter interval training sessions and at least a couple weight training sessions a week. You can even start with circuit training type DVDs like Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It includes cardio and some strength in short effective work outs.

I started with jogging and 30 Day Shred and now do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) twice a week and circuit style weight training three times a week. My workouts are never more than 45 minutes long including warm up and cool down. I am 45 years old, a hair under 5'6", weigh 123 pounds and my body fat percentage and physique is close to that of a professional trainer. I do not have big muscles (wear a size 2/4) but do have muscle definition. Women just do not have enough testosterone to build big bulky muscles without taking hormone supplements.

There are a lot of great discussions on here about weight training and there are sample workouts available on the site that use just body weight exercises - no weights required! Honestly, weight training and short more intense cardio sessions are much more effective and will seriously boost your metabolism and help break a plateau.

Good luck!

1/23/12 8:41 P


Please stop telling me I'm eating too few calories.
I'm definitely eating enough. I know that not eating enough leads to your body
saving what you do have, and you will add weight.
I also do measure my food, but only to learn what the real portion sizes are.
I'm not pigging out on the weekend.

Thanks for the help guys,

I think I'll try nixing real milk and cheese,
and changing up my work out.

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1/23/12 8:31 P

I suggest changing up your workout. Your body gets used to the same thing. Try swimming a couple of days a week or taking a fitness class. The variety is fun and works different muscle groups!

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1/23/12 7:13 P

you have to be very careful to track every single calorie. measuring your meals...also if you are eating fewer calories than your body needs, you are in starvation mode and you're body want to store your food as fat because it doesnt know when you will eat again. If you give yourself cheat days could also be the reason. some ppl give themselves a day or two to slurge and eat everything they were craving during the week they were good. All that does is reverse any weight loss you may have had on your good days

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1/23/12 7:07 P

I'm taller than you and I weigh less than you. I fit comfortably into size zero pants at the Gap, but I've still got curves. I got to this weight by eating well within my recommended daily calorie range (usually 1450-1550 each day, and sometimes more), doing lots of cardio (like you're doing!) AND doing strength. I didn't bulk up at all- the extra muscle that I developed just boosted my metabolism. Your current plan, of alternating eating below your suggested range with eating at the bottom of the range, combined with not doing strength, clearly isn't working. Why not try what worked for me- eating in the high end of your range, using your calories wisely and adding strength?

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1/23/12 6:41 P

SP recommends a calorie RANGE of 1200-1550. With the amount of exercise you are doing, you probably aren't eating enough if you tend toward the lower end of that range. When you set up your range, did you include your normal exercise? If not, go back to redo it. It's counter-intuitive, but you won't lose weight if you don't eat enough to support your activity (unless you're in a concentration camp, or something, but that's not the issue here).

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1/23/12 6:40 P


Know that your body needs calories just for normal biological functioning (fighting illness, growing new cells, regulating your breathing, heart rate and temperature, digesting food, etc). Eating less than 1200 calories will not necessarily guarantee faster results. Eating too few calories can actually lead to a greater loss of lean body mass (muscle, bone, connective and organ tissue) which you don't want to happen, even if you are strength training.

You want to lift a weight heavy enough to promote muscle hypertrophy since muscle is the metabolically active tissue. Not only does it help you burn more calories at rest, it will allow you to eat more without restricting yourself to less than 1200 calories.

If you are tracking your cardio activity on your My Fitness tracker, you should be able to determine the number of calories you are expending per week.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

1/23/12 6:17 P

I don't know how many calories I "Expend" per week. How do I figure that out.
I zig zag my calories. Spark recommends 1200 calories a day. So every other day I do that, and every other day I do reduced calories, 800 - 900.
I do some strength activity, but I don't want to build muscle at all, so it's light.
I don't do much activity other than the usual cooking and cleaning, walking the dog.

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1/23/12 6:09 P

I believe that if you keep eating right and exercising as you describe, you will lose weight. Just keep it up.

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1/23/12 5:24 P


How many calories are you expending per week? What calorie range are you eating? Are you doing any strength training? Are you active outside formal exercise activity?

The reason for these questions is that losing weight for some who don't have a lot of weight to lose can be a tad more complex than those who have a lot more to lose. Since you do not have a SparkPage to share your nutrition tracker, it does make it a tad more challenging to help you out.

Coach Nancy

1/23/12 4:02 P


I am 24, 140 lbs, and 5'1.
I exercise in the morning,
30 mins of treadmill (fast walk, run, heart rate 130 or more)
15 mins of spinning (heart rate typically 160 or more)
5-10 of eliptical (heart rate 130 or more)
I feel great afterwards, I've noticed improved energy.

I have been faithful to log in my nutrition info. I've been really good about getting
fiber, whole grains, fruits, etc in my diet. I gave up red meat (I make up the protein in
black beans and nuts). I don't eat foods high in fat.

I'm not losing weight! Not an ounce! I normally exercise, but I'm two months in
with being very consistant with the diet.
Anyone with similar problem with a solution?

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