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5/17/13 12:29 P

I agree with Dragonchilde. Also I think you're being a little too impatient. 7 lbs in 12 weeks is a good rate of weight loss and it's a shame you think there's something wrong with it. People see these shows on TV and think they should be losing weight faster. Look it didn't take you 12 weeks to put the weight on, don't expect it to come off so fast. Just keep doing what you're doing.

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5/17/13 10:37 A

I'm going to suggest that you look at more than those #'s on that scale, too! Do you have more energy, do you feel better, do your clothes fit better? There are many things to consider. Don't get discouraged! Change how you are looking at this and look at the positives and not just that # on the scale. :)

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5/17/13 10:28 A

I was going to say what DRAGONCHILDE said. You aren't THAT overweight. THe other people may be, which is why the weight is coming off faster. And more than that, like the pp said, you don't want to lose weight faster. Well, you do, of course, we all do, but at that rate it is a healthy change and you have a great success to keep it off.

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5/15/13 1:49 P

Losing 2 or 3 lbs per week is not going to be possible for you, LLEXIEBLAKE13. You simply aren't fat enough! .5 to 1 per week is about the most your body's going to be capable of.

No, you shouldn't have lost more than 7 lbs in 12 weeks. That's right about normal for you! Dumping junk food is good, but there's more to losing weight than just "eating right."

A good rule of thumb is that you can safely attempt to lose about 3% of your total weight loss goal. If you have 20 lbs to lose, then you can attempt to lose about .5-.6 lbs per week. At 10 lbs to lose, you'll be losing no more than about .25 to .5.

The less you have to lose, the slower it will come off.

2 lbs or more is not feasible, nor safe for you at this point. (That's a good thing! It means you have less pressure on your body, your heart, your mind, and your bones!) It just means that you have to be a bit more reasonable and realistic when goal setting.

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5/15/13 1:38 P

thanks guys. i guess half a pound in 12 weeks isnt bad but i would still like to lose 1/2/3 lbs a week. Clean eating to me is eating organic and a lot of things raw and no processed food. Maybe a protein shake isnt very clean but i do shoot for the whey protein. I have a lot of room to lose weight and went from eating processed junk food right to very healthy so i still should have lost more then 7 in 12 weeks right?

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5/15/13 11:33 A

First off, congratulations on losing 7 pounds in 12 weeks! That's 7 pounds you don't have to carry around any longer.

OK - questions. You weigh 174, but how tall are you? If you're on the taller end, you may not have had 20+ pounds to lose in the first place. Plus, if you were doing hardcore workouts for the first time, it's possible you built some muscle in that time but still lost inches while adding muscle weight.

Secondly, you mentioned "eating clean" and then went on to say you don't know how or have time to cook. What does eating clean mean to you? It can mean different things to different people, but to me it generally means whole, unprocessed foods that are prepared at home with only a few ingredients making a dish. Almost half of your items on your list that you usually eat would not fall under clean eating for me. Also, it is possible to eat clean and gain weight - too many calories of nutritious food is still too many calories!

How long have you been doing 1400-1700 calories? It takes a little time for your body to acknowledge "oh, we're doing this now!" and start letting weight come off. It took me 3 months to lose a single pound (though I was losing inches at that time).

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5/15/13 11:29 A

you did NOTHING wrong. You still lost over 1/2 a pound a week. That is still a loss.
It's possible all the others needed to lose more than you do. Which is why they can lose more in the same time frame. Plus men will lose faster than women.

For me - I tend to keep my fruits at about 1-2 SERVINGS a day. and I just moved those to make sure I eat them no later than lunch. And even though I don't watch the carb amounts on my tracker, I TRY not to have too many breads, rolls, potatos, pasta in my day. For dinner mainly a protien chicken or red meat, and veggies. on occasion a pasta dinner.

Make sure to switch up your workouts about every 4-6 weeks. Do something completely different to keep your body guessing.

Hang in there.


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5/15/13 11:12 A

Hi everyone I need some help and advice. I am 22 years old and weigh 174. I was just recently a part of a program called the "Largest Loser" which is a short mini version of the show the Biggest Loser. Its a 12 week program. There were competitions and two hard core workouts a week with a trainer for your team and sunday morning workouts with all the trainers before the weigh in. Everyone this season has been dropping 20+ lbs and I only managed to do 7. While eating clean and doing the same workouts nothing seems to be working. I even got my GEM test (metabolism test) and went to the doctor to test for PCOS and thyroid issues. The GEM turned out great, have a really high metabolism of 1830 and i came up negative for all blood work results.

For my GEM test I was told to eat 1400 on a non-workout day and 1700 on a workout day. Carbs on a non workout day should be 120g and 150 on a workout day. I tried that and still nothing seems to be working.

I don't really know how to cook or have time to. I usually eat eggs, protein shakes, low sodium turkey, chicken and organic yogurt. Low carb wraps (very occassionally) and lots of fruits and veggies.

What is wrong with me?

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