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2/26/13 1:17 P

I just look at yesterday and I would lower the amount of carbs that you eat. I put your numbers in my ww tracker - I didn't have the total fiber for the day and you were at 47 pts. I put in 20 for fiber and you were down to 46 points. Most people under 200 pounds only get 26 a day. Also watch eating more than 20 grams of protein per meal. A lot of experts think anything over 20 for a women is just waste. I try to eat 2 meals a day without bread, potato, noodles. A good example is turkey bacon, egg and milk for breakfast. For dinner, chicken and a bag of frozen veggies.

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2/26/13 12:51 P

Maybe no muscle mass increase over the whole body, but you sure can gain muscle in places you are working. When I started this, there was a spot along the top of my thigh where if I held my leg out straight in front of me, my quadruceps muscle was -- no joke -- less then two inches across. I was shocked when I noticed it. Now that I have some strength built up it's more like four inches.

Anyway, this is not to argue your main point and especially about water weight fluctuations.

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2/26/13 12:45 P

It's a common misconception that exercising causes you to "gain muscle weight" while eating at a calorie deficit. :) Exercise can trigger short-term weight gain or stalling, but it comes from water retention in the muscles, not muscle mass increase. It takes months and years to build measurable muscle weight, and you can't do it at a calorie deficit.

I would suggest focusing on keeping up the program, and not worry about the scale so much.

I think the problem here may be perspective! According to your ticker, you've lost 7 lbs, and you say you haven't lost "much" in measurements... have you lost anything?

7 lbs is actually quite on target for two months, and averages out to over a lb a week. That's normal. You're also still well into the adjustment period for your new eating habits and lifestyle changes.

I'd say give it time, and remember that this isn't the Biggest Loser. You ARE improving your body, and the scale's just about the worst measur eof progress we have. Hang in there... it will happen!

Some things you can do to ensure it's happening:

MEASURE and WEIGH your food. DO NOT eyeball it. We as a general rule tend to underestimate our calories; when I don't, I always end up plateauing because I suck at portions. ;)

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2/26/13 12:42 P

Hi! I had a similar problem except I lost NO weight for the first 2 months then out of nowhere i dropped 10 pounds. That motivated me to work even harder! but even with the extra work my weight has gone up one pound. Sometimes your weight doesnt reflect all the hard work you put in just like you said it could just be toning, I'm also noticing some toning and my stomache feels hard and more toned than usual so im assuming that my new muscles are the reason im seeing no weight loss. KEEP GOING! you will drop pounds when you least expect it. The key to losing weight is consistency.

I also respect you for doing insanity, ive tried it and i have respect for anyone who does it on the regular. I ended up quitting because i broke my ankle and couldnt walk for a while but i have been exercising regularly and im hoping my ankle will soon be strong enough to start insanity again.

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2/26/13 12:32 P

I have a heart rate monitor so calories burned is fairly accurate. I did lose inches the first month of insanity, now the second month and not much loss in measurements either. I know I've toned up a lot with insanity so maybe thats it.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 64,757
2/26/13 11:19 A


Does your calories burned goal reflect the amount of exercise you're doing? Do you measure yourself? Is it possible you're losing inches even if the scale isn't moving right now?

Coach Jen

DOLLY1259 Posts: 401
2/26/13 10:12 A

Kudos for doing insanity! Do you have a scale hat tells you your bmi? Maybe it's muscle and it weighs more than fat. Try not to rely on the scale as much as measurements and how you feel. I can get discouraged also when the scale doesn't go down but than I just remember how much I have already lost. Keep with it...low calories and high workouts have to equal weight loss!

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2/26/13 9:54 A

I would say eat more vegetables. They're low in calories and fill you up. It looks like you only eat one or two servings of vegetables a day.

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2/26/13 9:45 A

I have seemed to hit a plateau also. I changed up things this week. Cut out more carbs, really counting calories to the tee and logging everything, hopefully this works.

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2/26/13 9:06 A

current weight

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2/26/13 9:04 A


Firstly, if you're comfortable with sharing what's your current weight?

It could be you need to give it longer than two weeks for your body to respond to the tweak you made.

It can take up to 6-8 weeks.

MJLINDSEY6 SparkPoints: (13,485)
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2/26/13 8:06 A

I have been doing Insanity and counting calories for 6 weeks now. I did lose at first but have been stuck for the past month. I try to eat healthy without feeling like I'm on a restrictive type diet. I started to plateau when I was eating the low end of my range around 1500, so I thought maybe with insanity I wasn't eating enough so I've been eating towards the high end of my range 1800 for a couple weeks and still nothing. Anyone want to check out my Sparkpage and offer some advice?

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