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8/27/13 12:48 P

Thanks, I am trying to figure long term, what I have time and energy to do. Last night was a come home from work, and go to bed kinda night because I was exhausted. My thighs also hurt from running the previous day. Hopefully I can do something with a bit of movement today.

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8/26/13 3:56 P

Hi, Scotty !

There has been a lot of new research since "no pain, no gain" ruled the exercise world. The fact is, studies have shown that too much high intensity exercise really can break down a person's body.

For now ? I would suggest taking a daily walk. Walking is wonderful low impact cardiovascular exercise. Why not start by taking a daily walk ? I walk everywhere as part of my daily routine.

As far as what to eat, losing weight isn't just about eating less, it's about eating right. And yes, quality of the food you eat really does matter. Think of it this way, when your insides are healthy, that reflects on your outsides. So, you have to ask yourself how healthy your body is going to be if you only eat a can of corn and bag of lentil chips.

One thing I'm going to encourage you to try to log your food choices, not so much for the calorie count, but to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs from the food you're eating. Nourish your body with the food you eat. Don't starve if of the nutrients it needs to function properly.

Weight loss is nothing more than a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. If you're eating right and getting a little regular exercise, the weight will come off on its own. You don't have to beat yourself up to be healthy. As I said, eating too little and exercising too much really will hurt your body long term.

Don't think short term diet, think LONG TERM health.

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8/26/13 3:18 P

This was super helpful!! I always thought the harder the better, and I should push myself through the pain, which was making it harder and harder every day to continue.

I think although I am not in taking much, you are right, for example on Saturday all I ate was a bag of baked lentil chips and a can of sweet corn. Hardly a balanced diet. I think I am looking to much at the calorie content and not looking at other things, or thinking of my intake as fuel for my body. My food diary is spotty at best, as I lost motivation with this site and decided to try elsewhere, but now I realise having it break down for me how much crap is in certain foods is the boost I need. I need to stop looking solely at the calorie content and start looking at what I am putting in for what I want out!

This makes perfect sense. I am really glad you commented.

Do you have any suggestions of Low intensity work outs I could do indoors as the weather here in Canada is taking a turn for the worst. Or any WII/DVD you might recommend?

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8/26/13 3:10 P

Hi, Scotty !

You don't have your food diary posted, so I don't know how much you've been eating each day or what. One reason a person might not lose is because they aren't eating enough. I know this is going to sound strange, but eating too little and exercising too much can hinder a person's weight loss not help it.

While it's true that most Americans eat too much and need to eat less, the problem is that they are eating too much of the wrong food and not enough of the right food. QUALITY of the food you eat has a huge impact, not only on your health, but your waistline too.

Also, you may be doing TOO MUCH high intensity exercise. If your muscles aren't given time to recover from a workout, they'll never get stronger. Basically, it sounds like your body is constantly tired as well as lacking in the FUEL (calories) it needs to function properly. From what you've posted, it sounds like two things are going on. One, you're not eating enough to fuel your intense workouts. Two, your workouts are two intense. Your beating up your body. And that's not healthy.

You don't have to do high intensity exercise every single day or even every other day to be fit. In fact, most fitness experts will tell you that a person shouldn't do high intensity workouts more than 1-2 times per week. The right amount of exercise can strengthen a person's immune system. Too much can break it down. Which is what seems to be happening to you.

You're doing too much for your body to handle and as a result, your body is conserving fat instead of releasing fat.

One thing, would you be willing to open your food diary for the SP community to take a look at ? The community can help tweak your nutrition. Mostly, my advice would be to cut back on the excessive intense exercise you do. Give your body more time to recover from any intense workout. if you want to stay active, take a walk, go for a swim, ride a bike. Do something LOW INTENSITY. you still stay active, but you're not beating yourself up.

From this post, it strikes me that you're beating yourself up. So, if you could give us a bit more information about what you've been eating, that would be helpful.

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8/26/13 2:58 P

I have been trying really hard during the summer to make a positive change for both weight loss and fitness. I have been constantly eating less than my calculated BMR at least 500cals every day, as well as doing intense cardio every 2nd day. I have been doing the work outs from the insanity DVD for cardio or using Wii just dance. I am also extremely exhausted most nights and so end up going to bed right from work at least once a week. I went out for two small runs yesterday and my legs are killing me!

The reason I cannot do insanity every day is that my muscles are too painful for me to continue.

I thought I would have been results by now, as I have been doing this since around May.

I have seen no marked improvement in fitness, or any weight loss, if anything my weight has been fluctuating more than usual. Some days I am 170lbs, some days i'm a matter of days!!

I find that when I work out my body overheats to the point of my skin feeling like it is on fire within a few minutes of intense exercise, I keep having to pour ice water over my head and down my chest to continue. I sometimes drink around 2l of water during 45 minute work out, which results in me having to throw up after.

Clearly, something isn't working for me!

I have tried reducing my calorie intake, and trying to eat more healthy foods, but vegetables do not fill me. My stomach is growling, and my mood is dire.


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