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5/17/11 5:52 P

Are you measuring your food and weighing the stuff you eat and looking at it carefully? I think this is the biggest pain in the a-- but when I don't, I think it's really hard to tell what I actually DO eat. And then there are the things I totally forget because they seemed so small and didn't take long to eat, weren't part of a meal, etc.

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5/17/11 5:18 P

I totally agree, 2 pounds per weeks might not be a good goal.

I have trouble meeting my goals. The food comparison guides help a lot:

You have been given great advise from the PP! Make small changes and good luck!

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5/17/11 1:56 P

You really don't have to eat that many Carbs - and you should probably have more balanced meals - bread with margarine makes me immediately think, "Where's the protein?"

Also, your goals were probably just fine before you changed them - I don't know your weight, but unless you have 50+ lb. to lose, I seriously recommend NOT striving for 2 lb. of weight loss a week. It's always better to lose weight slowly than to try to lose it fast - rebounding can happen and that can be very disheartening.

As for going for the bare minimums, are you getting at least 20g of protein with that chicken in your salad? Because that helps immensely with the caloric intake totals. Moreover, I would say you're eating too much fruit and are not balancing it - for instance, your strawberries (Two bowls?! That's a lot of strawberries! Probably more than you need...) could have been eaten with nonfat or lowfat greek/regular yogurt in order to provide some protein and/or fat. Strawberries (and fruit in general) are low in calories, but high in sugar, which makes them the main reason why you didn't make your totals yesterday - adding yogurt could have easily given you 100-150 calories extra. Furthermore, you should definitely add more whole grains in your diet (again, if that's not an issue) and up your fiber intake through a blend of greens and grains primarily, while cutting down on the sugar from the fruit. Your picky with veggies, but I'm just wondering if you are okay with the typical ones like spinach, cucumbers, broccoli and tomatoes?

Note: You don't have to meet your Carbs amount. Many people choose not to - mostly because too much unneeded sugar is said to slow down your fat burning capabilities (more insulin in the blood and all of that); so as long as you're getting 150+ a day, you're probably just fine. As you could probably ask any Low-Carb dieter out there, Carbs are mostly optional - you need them: for your brain to function correctly, to keep out of ketosis, and if you're working out hardcore, but otherwise, you can live just fine on 100g+. People who are actually weight loss resistant may find it much more effective to operate on a Low-Carb diet.

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5/17/11 9:45 A

Let's see- yesterday I had a large banana, two bowls of plain strawberries, a salad for lunch (lettuce, chicken, carrots, 2 tbsp of Catalina Dressing), a piece of chocolate cake as a mid-afternoon snack and homemade chicken n dumplins for dinner, plus 5 baby swiss cheez-its and a piece of bread with margarine on it after dinner.

I broke exactly even on protein, got 5 points in to my fat range, was under the minimum carbs by 56 and under my minimum calories by 319, so this was one of my better days (it was the cake that bumped me up, I think lol).

Like I say- it's not like I'm eating cardboard and air and complaining I can't make my minimums :lol:

Thank you for the link to that article! It makes me feel better that someone else has had the same problem. I really appreciate the replies emoticon . I'm working on trying to eat at least something every few hours, which is where I've been filling in with strawberries or bread.

I mostly love meat, I'm actually really picky about veggies. I don't eat eggs and actually don't like peanut butter, but I'm trying to work through that (I have a mental block about it, I got sick on peanut butter when I was younger) because I know it could be really beneficial for me to be able to eat some of that as a snack.

I do appreciate the time folks are taking to try to help me through this! It blows my mind to find out I haven't been eating ENOUGH! :) I guess this is why calorie trackers are so beneficial!

ETA: I checked my weight loss goals and by bumping up the timeline just a little bit (to where it's 2lbs a week) I suddenly would be making my goals (with the exception of carbs, but in that case it'sjust 10 or less I'm lacking on only on some days).

I'm also sitting here making a generalize "schedule" of when to plan out 5 meals or at least 3 meals and 2 snacks per day to make sure I eat enough to keep my body going.

Thanks guys!! I hadn't realize my goal was a little too "easy" (I was trying to give myself a little extra time to lose the weight so if I backslide one week I don't get frustrated and give up because I can't reach my goal by the date I've set).

So again, thank you, thank you, thank you all!! :)

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5/17/11 7:02 A

I'll be honest - whenever someone tells me they're not hungry so they don't want to force themselves to eat, I always feel like that's the worst way to think of it. Your body needs food to keep up your metabolism - which is why it is generally recommended to eat 5-6 times a day in evenly proportioned meals. This is probably where snacks come in to help you meet goals - nuts and nut butters (if you aren't allergic to them) are great for meeting fat totals and have just enough calories to help you meet your caloric goal. Hard-boiled Egg Whites in the morning can make all the difference in meeting your protein goal - just like having some source of protein per main meal. And believe me, even if you aren't hungry after 3 whole hours without food (something I can't even IMAGINE nowadays since I get hungry every 2 hours now!), your body could certainly use the calories to keep burning - and eggs and nuts are not going to fill you up or make you feel full in the slightest.

You can be off your caloric amount by a margin without seeing major adverse side effects, but I really have to wonder what you could be eating that would actually make you full, but not have you meet your Protein or Fat amounts. Carbs just make you hungrier sooner when you're not eating them with some sort of fat or protein, so are you instead eating a lot of vegetables and neglecting meats and various sources of heart healthy fats?

Note: You don't have to eat the amount of Carbs they give you - I rarely do myself - but if you're not getting at least 1500 calories a day, 38g+ being fats and 60g+ being Protein, then your body is probably not being fueled well enough to maximize your weight loss. It is most efficient to at least eat the amount your BMR dictates, and to minimize your muscle loss during weight loss by trying to meet that 60g every day (and your body really needs those 38g+ of fats, too).

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5/16/11 11:37 P

I have similar problem. I always hit the lower end of the range for my calories, and usually the same for 2 out of 3 on protein, fats and carbs - but I'm always lacking in one, usually fats and the same thing - I don't want to eat if I'm not hungry.

It seems to change every day though so I'm not too bothered and I always consider that the nutrition tracker is a guide, according to the amount of exercise I said I'd do, and at the moment because of injury I'm resting.

Maybe it's worth considering how far off the nutritional recommendation you are as well. If it's only a gram or so or 10 calories I'm sure it won't hurt!

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5/16/11 9:05 P

My calorie range was something like that when I started, and I just couldn't eat that much at that time. I increased my weight loss goal to 2 lbs/week, thus lowering my calories. I also used this article
to help me increase my calories. As strange as it sounds, once I lost some weight, I was able to start eating more. I then backed off on my goal, dropping it to 1 lb/week, and now I eat more than I did in the beginning.

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5/15/11 5:42 P

I am logging absolutely everything, pinky promise! I've even added a couple items to the my nutrition lookup thingy because something I ate wasn't on there. I try to check anything I log that comes from another user to make sure everything is represented.

I appreciate the ideas of what I should do! I have looked into the meal plans, but I'm a super, super picky eater so the meal plans don't help an awful lot- especially when I get full before eating the amount of food recommended! *sigh* :/.

I'm going to try exercising more, but that's something I don't understand- let's say I burn 200 calories and I eat 200 calories extra.. doesn't that put me right back to where I am right now?

I wish losing weight was as easy as putting it on is! LOL

REDPEPPERS Posts: 18,889
5/15/11 3:42 P

Are you logging *everything* you eat, even if it's only a spoonful or so? Are you logging things you eat that aren't in the SP food library? Are you using foods that other SP members have manually entered in the SP food library (may not have all the grams of carbs, protein, fats entered)?

If you aren't logging *everything*, then try doing so and see where your numbers land. If you eat things that you can't log because they aren't in the SP library, you can manually enter these and then track them. If you use foods that others have manually entered, check to see if they have all the nutrients listed. The calorie amount should show up, but the grams of carbs, fats and protein may not.

If you eat a food that's not listed, often the manufacturer will list the nutritional information on its website. There are also various calorie counters online that may have the nutr info for your food.

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
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5/15/11 11:04 A

Have you tried turning on your meal plans to get ideas or looking through the Spark
recipes? There are some good tips here also:

KEEPIE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/14/11 10:35 P

My goal ranges are:

1,590 - 1,940 41 - 72 207 - 299 60 - 161

CSIENK Posts: 6,721
5/14/11 10:30 P

Or maybe if you work up the motivation to work out, it will make you hungrier and you'll eat closer to your range.

CATSDONTPRAY SparkPoints: (14,225)
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5/14/11 10:28 P

What is your calorie range set at now? Perhaps you need to get more aggressive with your goal to lower your range.

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5/14/11 10:18 P

I'm freaking out folks (Hey, by the way, I'm new).

I'm looking at my Calorie Tracker and geez- I am not hitting my calories, not hitting my fat, carbs or protein! Some of the other days I've hit the bare minimum on each mark- and I'm not letting myself go hungry either!

My question is- what do I do?! I know if I don't eat enough or these things, I will end up continuing to gain weight- but at the same time, I don't want to force myself to eat when I don't want something.

I'm going to be honest, I'm not always eating the healthiest things either.

What can I and should I do? I find it hard to motivate to exercise when I'm already barely hitting my intake marks as it is. :(

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