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SIMONEKP Posts: 2,617
4/7/13 6:30 P

not bars but i do drink shakes

KIMANN71 SparkPoints: (444)
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4/7/13 10:20 A

Does anyone eat protein bars?? Which ones??

4/6/13 10:14 P

"I'd ditch either the banana or avocado at breakfast and get some eggs or sausage or something in there."

That comment made me very nearly spit out the water I had in my mouth. Please, whatever you do, don't replace avocado and bananas with sausage! That's just crazy talk right there.


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KIMANN71 SparkPoints: (444)
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4/6/13 6:44 P

I two need more protein and will start eating greek yogurt unsweetened and what are your thoughts on protein bars?? Some have to much sugar maybe?? Also frozen meals may be easy but have way to much sodium. KIM

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NOLAFIT Posts: 124
4/1/13 11:28 P

I made a post recently about the same issue about two months ago. You can find it here at this link:

I found that when I am in my protein range, my carb count is coincidently lower than when I am not paying attention to my protein intake. When I don't pay attention, I eat way too many carbs.

My greatest tool is greek yogurt. Not only does it really fill me up, but it helps reach that protein goal. Eggs help me a lot too, and if I have to use pre-packaged foods like Lean Cuisine or similar, I make sure I choose the ones with a protein count around 18g. Beans are great sources of protein too. You'll find consuming more protein helps you feel more full.

Hope this helps! :)

SPORTYLAWGIRL SparkPoints: (11,853)
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4/1/13 10:43 P

Spark recommends a higher than needed amount of protein because protein keep you feeling full and speeds up your metabolism. According the health experts generally, a women only needs 46g of protein/day. Aim for your Spark range, but I wouldn't stress as long as you are getting 46g/day.

4/1/13 7:48 P

I am new to the message boards, not so new to SP. I am doing a low carb diet for a total 64lb weight loss in the last 6 months. I find now that I am down to my last 15 lbs I can not get enough protein in. I have never got enough but trainer tells me to up my protein. How do I do this? I have been stuck at this weight for 2 months now.

TENNESSEAN SparkPoints: (0)
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4/1/13 12:30 P

I am having the same issues, not enough protein~

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
4/1/13 11:46 A

This article might help you find ways to make substitutions (quinoa for rice for example) that can help.

How to Meet Your Protein Needs without Meat
A Guide to Vegetarian Protein Sources

Coach Tanya

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
4/1/13 7:27 A

I am for 15-20 grams of protein at each meal, and I try to get no less than 80 grams a day. I eat a lot of lean meats (extra lean ground beef, extra lean ground turkey, turkey sausages, tuna, chicken breast, deli ham or turkey), lowfat/2% dairy (yogurt, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese), peanut butter and egg whites. I also eat whole eggs, just not as much as I eat egg whites. Beans/legumes, nuts and nut butters are also good sources of protein. There are also some veggies that have more protein than others, so it might help to look up a list of those and make sure to add them to your diet.

edited to add: I quickly peeked at your food diary. I'd ditch either the banana or avocado at breakfast and get some eggs or sausage or something in there. If you switch the extra lean ground beef (96/4) you can get 4oz. for 130 calories and 24 grams of protein. So less calories than what's in your tracker and over twice the protein for more food. Your cereal seems to have a decent amount of protein, but that seems like a lot of calories for only 14 grams of protein. Try some oatmeal, then, once it's cooked add in 3T liquid egg whites, mix really well, and it gives you a nice custard texture and added protein.

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MISSRUTH Posts: 4,201
4/1/13 6:47 A

I saw a post from Dietician Becky a while back, where she talked about breaking up your protein requirement over the course of the day. Say your minimum is 60 grams; do 10 at breakfast, 20 each at lunch and dinner, and 10 for a snack-- this gives a total of 60 for the day.

It doesn't seem as hard to plan my meals for the day, when I break up the protein like this. It's really helpful to plan the day in advance, rather than just wait til the end of the day and fill in everything I happened to eat.

Also, whenever I eat anything, I try to include some protein. If I'm going to eat an apple, I eat some almonds too for example.

WINACHST Posts: 1,752
4/1/13 12:00 A

How Much Protein Is Enough?

Adults in the U.S. are encouraged to get 10% to 35% of their day's calories from protein foods. That's about 46 grams of protein for women, and 56 grams of protein for men.

It's not hard to get this amount if you eat two to three servings of protein-rich foods a day, according to the CDC.

A small 3-ounce piece of meat has about 21 grams of protein. A typical 8-ounce piece of meat could have over 50 grams of protein.
One 8-ounce container of yogurt has about 11 grams of protein.
One cup of milk has 8 grams of protein.
One cup of dry beans has about 16 grams of protein.

According to your tracker, you are not that far off. I was told to average it all out over time because every day is different. Some days you may eat more than others. And make sure to check out the protein content of veggies

BKHIGGINS SparkPoints: (830)
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3/31/13 10:45 P

Hello. I've recently re-joined the site after some serious set backs due to illness. In the past (and currently) I've had issues hitting the protein goal the site recommends. I'd like to start making that goal but I'm not really sure how. My fat consumption seems to run a little high, but not the protein. Since I've only been a member for 2 days according to the website (I started over), my nutrition log may not be all that helpful, but I'll open it up anyways, just in case.

I'm open to ideas! emoticon

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