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8/30/13 4:33 P

Every morning I make up two quart Mason jars (4C each) full of herbal tea with Splenda. These are at my desk to sip on all day. As long as I finish those, I've had my minimum amount of liquid for the day.

After work I often make up another 4-cup sports bottle with water to drink while I exercise, do gardening, etc. I don't HAVE to finish that one, but I often do.

Make it part of your routine and make it handy and easy to measure.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,689
8/30/13 3:00 P

Unless you are eating lots of foods with water in them (e.g. soup, fruits, etc.), it sounds like your thirst mechanism isn't doing it's job and telling you to drink when you need water. Is your urine dark (a sign that you need more water)?

Anyway, you might consider just filling up a glass with water and drinking one to 1 1/2 glasses with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or, drink a glass before your meal and then put more water in the glass to have with your meal. My drinking glasses hold about 2 cups of water.

If you just make sure you're drinking with your meals, you should be fine.

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8/30/13 12:27 P

I find that the more you get used to drinking water regularly, the more you crave it. Here's an article with some tips you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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8/30/13 12:26 P

What do you do for work? I sit at a desk and have a large container of water at my desk. I fill it several times a day. Sometimes i just need a break or my water glass is thirsty so I have to take care of that.

I like the idea of challenging yourself. If you are at a desk, put a reminder on your calendar so that every hour or so it pops up-- mine used to say Drink Me. Now I don't need reminders because it is second nature.

i also make sure i have a glass of water for dinner and lunch. My liquid at breakfast is my most yummy smoothie.

Too many people in America are dehydrated. You may think you are getting enough water, but you are not.

8/30/13 10:54 A

Sometimes I've had friendly drinking challenges with friends (not to drink the most, but to drink the amount we should).

I find carrying a water bottle helps. Or adding it to my "to do" list with numbers to cross off for each glass.

Maybe try drinking 8 oz before each meal? You can start with less (4 oz?) and build up if you need to.

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8/30/13 10:49 A

Hello everyone....I have a little dilemma and am hoping someone has the answer. I am having trouble getting water into my diet regimen. I have never been a big "drinker" and at the end of my workday I find I have only drank about 8oz of water (or any other liquid) all day. I do not get thirsty and have actually caught myself not drinking anything for almost two days. I realize how important water is and do enjoy drinking it, I just don't remember to. Any tips to get this in my routine? Thanks and keep up the good work everyone!!

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