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CJTERRY07 SparkPoints: (2,109)
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9/25/14 9:48 A

My husband is the same way, except the skinny active part. On top of that when my clothing starts getting loose he will complain that my clothing is too big and doesn't look good. To keep myself motivated I stand in my underwear, because my bra makes my boobs look better, in front of a mirror and say to my self, "You are looking sexy today."

FUNNYGIRLJESS SparkPoints: (8,828)
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9/23/14 9:27 P

focus on YOU...and if he is hurting your feelings indirectly/on purpose...remember you can't fix him, his stupidity..but if you're working on you that's all that matters.
remind him that encouragement is the best motivator.
my husband is starting to gain weight because he's getting up there in age. I wish He'd lose some lbs..but it's not right to be nagging your spouse on that...rude!

Good luck!

CLARK971 SparkPoints: (29,641)
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7/31/14 12:47 P

It is hard when you feel like you have extra obstacles. I eat similar to my family but not the same. My kids require more calories than I do. If we have tacos, mine is a taco salad no shells and just a little bit of cheese. My daughter's has shells and more cheese. I buy coffee cream for my husband and put milk in my coffee.

Last night we had pasta, chicken, salad and eggplant. I had a small serving of pasta, chicken, salad and eggplant. No one else ate the eggplant. My son does not eat pasta so he had sauce and bread instead of pasta.

Maybe you can go out to eat at restaurants that have lighter menus for you to choose from.

RONNIE_JONNIE SparkPoints: (2,002)
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7/31/14 10:25 A

I have come to realize that I have to want this bad enough to overcome the obstacles. Yes it's hard when the one you count on isn't supportive..but don't let that stop you. YOU have to control your life.
I agree about letting him eat the fast foods and you just eat healthy choices and yes sometimes you are going to have to eat out as well....but more and more restaurants are putting healthieroptions on the menu...just look for a place that has some and make a smart informed decision. The first time I reached my goal (sadly got away from all the good and gained some back) my hubby saw how happy and good I felt..that had a nice benefit on our relationship..this time...he is ALL in. Doing whatever he can. Just stick with it!!
Oh and use SP...the people here are great and will help keep you motivated.

REGINAROLLINS SparkPoints: (63,159)
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7/31/14 10:11 A

All husbands are the same(assclowns)TeeHee. Mine is the same way and he's no skinny minnie. Always comment's about how much and what I'm eating. It is very discourging, don't pay any attention to him,just be your hot self(like I do). You could try to explain to him, but it will not work-I can tell you that!!!!! Sorry for the truth:(

FIT_MOMMY_OF2 SparkPoints: (4,196)
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7/27/14 5:08 A

All great advice. I have also gotten used to cooking separately because my hubby and kids won't eat the food that I am. Also, it is true... there are options at some fast food locations. I occasionally get food from Taco Bell. They have a lighter, "fresco" menu.

KLGIESE Posts: 4
7/15/14 11:38 A

Great suggestions everyone! I'd like to add that just because you're trying to lose weight doesn't mean that you can't ever go out to eat (even fast food). Every restaurant now has healthy options. So if your husband is dying for a Big Mac, make a deal with him that once a week you can have dinner where he wants. You can get a salad....or even (GASP!) a cheeseburger and a small fry. Just plan for that day to be light for breakfast and lunch and a more active day. I've done that a couple of times when my husband and I feel we can't go another day without pizza. Haha. Good luck to you.

SHARSUE SparkPoints: (27,700)
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7/15/14 11:32 A

My husband has always been thin, too, and has no idea how difficult losing weight can be, so I can understand your frustration.
You've gotten some good advice here, but I'd like to add one more thing: eating well isn't just for people who need to lose weight! EVERYBODY needs good nutrition. So maybe if you broadened your focus to "making healthy meals for my family," instead of, "I'm on a diet," it would sort of take the spotlight off of you. Does that make sense?
Hopefully your husband will get on board, but if he doesn't...well, he's ultimately responsible for his own health, and you are responsible for yours.
Good luck, and don't give up!

SGRENNEK Posts: 592
7/7/14 10:58 P

One thing I have really struggled with is coming to the place where I can be okay with the fact that I don't have to eat the same thing as my husband or kids at every meal. Like, tonight, my husband had pasta and I had a salad. We both had chicken. Sometimes, I'll have a protein shake and still sit down to dinner with my family. We have different nutritional needs right now, and that's okay.
As far as support goes, I know that it is SO important. Have you had an honest, serious talk about how important this is to you and how serious you are about getting the weight off? From my experience, the support will increase as the results come. You CAN do this, even if you have to do it alone - because you're not doing it for him or anyone else. You're doing it for YOU.

LUANN_IN_PA SparkPoints: (154,447)
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Posts: 19,056
7/7/14 2:06 P

" He always want to eat fast food and doesn't help cook healthy meals"

Let him eat fast food; cook the meals yourself.

You cannot control him; but you can take responsibility for yourself.

DARLINGK1106 SparkPoints: (891)
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7/7/14 4:07 A

My husband is a very thin and active guy. He really doesn't understand the challenges that I face everyday being over weight. He's not supportive and he doesn't encourage or say anything kind about my efforts. He always want to eat fast food and doesn't help cook healthy meals. I know that it my fault for the weight that I've gained but I feel like I'm swimming upstream against the current. How do I talk to him about this? I'm very sensitive about weight and I really need my family on board with this or I'll never be able to change this. Am I asking too much? I just don't know what to do. Any advice is very welcome!

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