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6/9/14 7:16 A

Welcome back and best wishes!

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6/8/14 4:03 P

Hello Runagainst! emoticon I think more then not we all failed at least six times, may or may not have been with SP, but we go back to our old habits and gain it back and more. Seems to me being in my late 50's it is really hard to lose. I have a few suggestions, first is tracking, everything you eat and drink, this holds you accountable! And the same with fitness, if it is a slow walk around the block or gardening it may not count for calorie loss but you are moving! So track intense exercise as well as other more recreational exercise. The tracking will give you all the ranges you need to be in and more if you add them! Getting rid of bad food, get it out the house! Even if it is one bad food a week. You will start to feel better before you even see the scale move. Get lots of fruits veggies and nuts what ever you enjoy. Drink tea, use Stevia in the Raw not sugar, But there is so much info in Articles and Videos, recipes exercise info and videos, tons of advice. But have you looked at Spark Teams? They are under Community, I belong to Hopeful Hearts which is religious based and very supportive. You need to find what forum meets your needs and interests, finding friends who will support and encourage you! Blessings on this journey of healthy living! Deb

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6/8/14 1:15 P

Welcome Back! This nice thing about SP is you get as many do-overs as you personally need, and eventually it sticks! This is either my 3rd or 4th time here.

Since you mentioned in a wheelchair, look in the articles & videos section under Lifestyle Centers and you will find a page for those that are differently abled which will include seated exercises and other tips just for you.

A goal of consistent tracking is an excellent start! I know about scales. Used to have an electronic one that topped out at 330 and after that it just said "E"...and yes I was an "E" at one time.

I've added you as a Spark Friend so that I can help celebrate your success.

Onward & Downward!

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6/8/14 12:34 P

Runagainst, so may of us have a similar story. But you have made it back.

I have done the same thing almost. My first attempt was very successful and then I made a bunch of half hearted attempts until this time. I have been working at it this time for over 2 months and have not missed a day coming here. That was my first commitment to myself, sign in everyday no matter what.

Just keep going and you will find yourself having made small strides sooner than you think!!

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6/8/14 12:15 P

Welcome back!

I think that since you are not able to weigh yourself right now, using the food tracker may be the best way to go. That really gave me a great start when I began here in 2006, and it's a great tool to see what areas I could improve on as well.

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6/8/14 11:16 A


6/8/14 8:32 A

So I've been here before, what feels like a million times (It's probably closer to 6 or 7!). I was successful once- I lost about 40lbs and was well on my way to losing more, but unfornately some things changed in my life and I got off track.

Way off track.

I gained all 40lbs back, plus about 20lbs more. So much so that my wheelchair scale no longer seems to register properly (someone built it for me, and I think 250 might be it's limit). So I guess my first goal is to get down to where the scale registers me- all of which I'll have to do without weighing myself. That's one of the main things I struggle with- I'm bad at going by my clothes, measurements, etc. So I'm thinking I'll go on "have I eaten within my range? Have I exercised?" until about a month from now when I'll hop on the scale again. And I'll do that once a month until it registers something! (If it doesn't in 3 months, I might need a new scale).

So that's my not-so-short introduction. Hi!

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