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8/6/14 8:31 P

You really need to look at the overall composition and not just the calories. I have high fibre bars, here, too, but they aren't exactly filling. My Nut Protein Bar (only 10g protein) is far more filling, especially when combined with a piece of pear and apple ('piece' not the whole fruits)

I didn't feel like much for breakfast this a.m. so I had a small'sh banana, 2 Brazil nuts and 4 Almonds, plus a cup of tea with a little Soy Milk. That lasted about 3 hrs. Other days I will have banana, Rolled Oats with Wheat Bran and some chopped dates. I use 1/2 cup Soy milk between that and my cup of tea. That lasts me much longer and is about 320 calories.

Try adding protein to your breakfast, too.


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8/6/14 6:05 P

i think the key thing to remember at every eating opportunity is that you should be trying to get some fat, some protein, and some carbs [particularly fiber]. plain fruits and veggies are just carbs, so it kind of doesn't matter which kind you pick if that's all you're eating. plain vegetables aren't any better of a choice than plain fruit.
the way foods work in your system is that the carbs digest first and become available for use. they keep you full right now. protein takes a little longer to digest, so it's a later food. if you eat carbs and protein together the carbs start to fill you up and once you're through them, the protein is becoming available so you're still full. when you aren't eating protein with the carbs you start getting hungry right when the protein would have been kicking in.
so had you paired your banana with some nuts or a hardboiled egg or some cheese or a bit of meat it likely would have kept you longer. same for the peach. the oat bar, well, oat bars can go a lot of different ways. look at the protein and fiber and fat it's giving you for the calories, watch how you feel when you eat it and see if it's something you should ditch.

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8/6/14 12:24 P

Agreed, it depends on you. Branch out and see if eating differently will help; it's likely you'll find something that works.

Speaking for me personally: A banana fills me about as well as you'd expect for its calorie count. I can go for 1-2 hours ok, but then I need some real food. A peach, with even fewer calories and less bulky starch, does next to nothing. I may as well not have eaten. Oat bars for me in particular are the worst. I'd rather eat nothing than eat an oat bar. Partially (for me) it seems to be their highly processed nature (never keeps me going as long as you'd think for the calories) and partially it's the oats, which seem to do bad things to me even cooked plain in water.

That's me, though I bet variations on those themes are true for a lot of people.

From having seen this type of thread pop up dozens of times I can safely say that most people will recommend having at least one item with decent protein during the morning, most will say veggies are good, some will swear by unprocessed starches, and very few will recommend much sugar in any form; but really it's down to your body and what works for you. Vary type of food, amount eaten at any one time, frequency of eating, proportion of food eaten in the morning -- any and all of that and you'll find something to keep you comfortable.

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8/6/14 11:46 A

I think it completely depends on you: we all have "hungry days" where nothing can seem to fill us and our stomach rumbles constantly all day - maybe today is just one of those days for you. Try the same again tomorrow. You don't seem to be having a lot of protein: maybe skip the coffee and have a homemade fruit smoothie or a glass of milk to increase that.

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8/6/14 11:45 A

Ahhh I see, thanks LEC, so its not always about the calories. I also read in another post earlier today that fruits turn into sugars, would you (or anyone here) recomment switching to veggies? Are they healthier than eating fruits?

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8/6/14 11:33 A

The one thing I see missing is protein/fat. Add a tablespoon of peanut butter to the banana or replace the peach with a cup of yogurt and berries, etc. Carbs, even complex ones don't take as long to be processed as fats and protein so adding either of those macros would probably help.

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8/6/14 10:47 A

For breakfast today I had a banana, a peach, coffee and an Oat fiber bar and 4 cups of water. This was spread out over the past 3 hours. According to the tracker this is 397 calories, my stomach is grumbling... I usually have lunch in about an hour. Am I not eating enough? or is this not the right type of food that will keep me full?

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