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7/1/12 1:23 P

stiff legged deadlifts? kettlebell swings?

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7/1/12 11:41 A

I agree with the others that your PT will have the best advice.

I do squats (but not lunges) as art of my workout, but I also do several other exercises that target my glutes and hip flexors, such as bridges. I also do an exercise (whose name I don't know) that involves lying on my stomach on top of a bosu, bending one leg and lifting it up - so no stress on the knee but very targeted to glutes.

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7/1/12 10:55 A

Agreed. Talk to your physical therapist about what is safe for you to do. If you're doing those exercises to reduce fat, that doesn't work anyway. It does strength the butt, but it's not going to give you a butt you were never meant to genetically have, anyway.

I'd ask your physical therapist was IS safe for you to do.

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7/1/12 10:53 A

Your physical therapist is probably the best person to guide you as to what exercises you CAN safely do.


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7/1/12 8:55 A

Hi Sparkies,
I really need some help. My doctor and physical therapist have both told me that I am no longer allowed to do squats or lunges. Granted, having the memory of my last grueling leg workout day burned into my brain, this came as a sigh of relief. Now that I've absorbed what they've said, now what do I do? Are there other exercises that will not harm my knees the way those do? How am I going to get a nice tush? Why else was my boot camp instructor making us do these? Why so many of them?
Thanks for your help,

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