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Not able to lose weight anymore

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2/18/13 1:46 A

Hi - it sounds like you are really stressed, and time-short, to boot.

First, losing weight by skipping meals is NEVER a good idea. You set your body up for having problems, later, and apart from that, it can cause your blood sugars to take a nose-dive when you go too long without food. This in itself can cause fatigue, and it can also cause accidents.

Below is a link that you may like to watch, at least some of (it is rather lengthy, but it really emphasizes the need to do this wisely!

Diets in themselves aren't a good idea either. They tend be be too restrictive and/or boring at best, and often unhealthy re lack of good nutrition causing a myriad of problems at worst, including fatigue.

Make sure that you are eating enough and don't skip meals, AND that what you eat is nutrient rich, not the quick-fixes of processed carbs and/or high unhealthy fats. It might also be helpful to see a Dr and explain what is going on - it may be that you are iron deficient and might need some supplements.

You also need to address is the amount of work that you do.

Is there some way that you can cut back AT ALL?
Are you able to do your schooling part-time?

Are you doing stuff at home that maybe doesn't need doing so often? (things like vacuuming, etc.)

Are you able to bulk-purchase veges (fresh and frozen) and meat when there are good specials, and then bulk cook them for your meals. It saves a lot of time and it saves money because you take advantage of the specials, and the one lot of power/gas used to cook them. Containerize them in single serves and then freeze them.

Rather than going to the gym, perhaps you might like to think about a few snatches of exercise during the day, rather than adding a further hour or so to your day. You will get just as much benefit without extra pressure.

I hope that you find what works for you.


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2/18/13 12:00 A

Ok -- I know you're specifically interested in weight loss, but first things first. You are STRESSED OUT, and your body knows it. All it knows is that it is going through a really rough time, and it is trying to get you through it the best way it can. You feel hungry and tired because you're exhausted and need fuel to keep going. (And your body is reluctant to touch any stored energy -- it doensn't know how long the crisis will last!

For a while, can you try switching your focus to just taking good care of yourself? Try to find some time to relax when (and if) you can, and treat yourself well. The lifestyle changes (trying to eat healthy food, exercise when you can fit it in) are great -- just give yourself a little room to breathe without berating yourself about your weight. I'm willing to bet things will start to fall into place.

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2/17/13 11:08 P

This might sound odd but I used to always be very good at losing weight. If I put on a few pounds around the holidays I would stop eating dinner for a while and it would come right off. My first year of college I got a winter formal dress at a sample sale that was way too small and in 1 month I was able to drop 15 lbs with no problem to fit into it. I know that I wasn't always healthy about it but at least I was able to do it. Now I feel like a totally different person. This year I have been so stressed I've been eating a lot which is unlike me because while I don't always eat healthily I was never an over eater, I could skip meals without being hungry. I've tried so many ways to take off the 15 lbs I gained since starting college 3 years ago but nothing has worked. I'm getting really frustrated with making false promises to myself and I just don't know how to continue. I've read and attempted 6 "diets" (some diets, some lifestyle changes) and while I don't really have time for the gym (1-2x per week at best), I am on my feet all day. The problem is that I'm way hungrier than I used to be and with holding down 3 jobs on top of school if I don't eat I don't have the energy to get what I need to get done. Please help! I feel so hopeless.

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