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MOMO7YROLD SparkPoints: (52,728)
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8/20/13 8:21 A

emoticon to all new members. Look around and join in.
Good luck on ur health journey. If u nee anything just spark somebody and let someone know.
Have a great week everyone.
Theresa emoticon

KSMITH897 SparkPoints: (568)
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8/20/13 8:11 A

I had the same problem basically look in the past and see what you were eating and cross of the things that were high in sodium high in calorie and so forth. And subsitute with an healthy alternitive. I dont eat pasta any more cause i know its wicked high in carbs but subsitute it for whole grain rice

PINKHOPE Posts: 25,768
8/20/13 8:00 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

So glad to see you have made a choice for health! Poke around the site and try all it has to offer. Be sure to sign up for a few sparkteams!


R1KK1N SparkPoints: (276)
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8/19/13 10:06 P

Hello! I am currently in the same situation so I completely understand. I guess the best advice would be to just go for it. It won't be easy, but if you put the effort in exercise and diet wise you can do it! :)

DEULSENIA Posts: 184
8/19/13 9:58 P

First off warmest welcome to Spark People. It's going to be a hard journey but if you stay committed even when you fall off get right back on. Log log log, log everything as if you were writing a book about yourself. Food prep is a big key. Troll this site for recipes and plan meals for the week...Tupperware or brown bagging works. It's about 80-90% what you intake and the rest is activity. Try something new whether it be food or activity. In order for your body to change you have to change your mind. I can go on & on about what helped me loose 56lbs, you have to play around w/ what works for your body. Listen if you need an accountability partner let me know. I have a support page on Facebook (link below) if you ever need some daily inspiration, recipes or if you'd like to add some input on what helps you. Stay committed in this journey!!!

ECHARBOR SparkPoints: (2,205)
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8/19/13 1:47 P

Use this site especially the nutrition part and the exercise Good luck and you can do it.

LLARAMIE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/13 10:32 P

Hi everyone. I'm new.... not to losing and gaining weight though! I have lost about 50 pounds in the past and gained it all back. I don't know how to begin again. Any advice?

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