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1/20/13 7:56 P

The tracker should be public now.

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1/20/13 7:56 P

As you know, it's important to eat a minimum # of calories each day, and SP sets that # for each of us based on our height, weight and goals. Have an extra piece of fruit, a glass of milk, or some whole wheat toast.

1/20/13 7:47 P

To make it public, go to your sparkpage.
Click EDIT sparkpage.
Click the button to make the tracker public.


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1/20/13 7:46 P

I'm not sure how to make it public.

My min calorie is supposed to be at 1200 and ranges up to 1550.
Protein is a min of 60 and a max of 136.

I would say at least 3 times a week, I'm not hitting the minimum on these numbers. And its 9pm and I'm scrounging to eat something healthy just to get up to my minimums.

1/20/13 7:24 P

It is hard to give specific tips without seeing your nutrition tracker. If you need the steps to make it public, let me know.

When you say you are not getting enough calories/protein..
can you share your Sparkpeople ranges for calories and protein ?
and what is your typical daily intake for these?
and how many days a week are you not in your SP ranges??

SP Dietitian Becky

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1/20/13 7:14 P

I'm having a really hard time getting enough calories lately - I know I shouldn't and I know its counterproductive, but sometimes I'm just not hungry. Also have an issue with getting enough protein some days.. can anyone help me?

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