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3/17/09 8:12 P

Thanks, I feel bad for her fiance. I barely know him, but he seems like a nice guy. I cant really tell him what he's getting into, he unfortunately has to find that out on his own. I just dont want him to find it out when its way too late (ie if kids are involved at that point in time).

There are certain people who should not have kids, she's one of them. She had a pet for 2 years. She bought it, barely had it for 3 months, then she tried to dell it, then later fell in love with it later (6 months later), then after an additional 1.25 years later, she got tired of it and gave it to the humane society. If shes like that with a pet, what will she be like with kids?

3/17/09 5:24 P

Alleycat...that sucks but I've found that people who don't appreciate you will eventually blame every thing on you. My best friend of 7 years and maid of honor just decided the other day that she wasn't going to be in my wedding and neither were her two children (my ring bearer and flower girl). Why did she suddenly decide this? i told her i didn't appreciate her taking advantage of my fiance and i babysitting. She would call 20 minutes before she needed a babysitter and guilt us into babysitting for "a couple hours" and she was always late in coming back. I told her I was sick of it and the first thing she says is "fine, my children and i will no longer be in your wedding, you are a drama queen and i don't need that in my life"

so after 7 years of friendship, countless hours spent babysitting, and being there for her at the drop of a hat, i disagreed once, and got tossed out like a piece of trash. I guess it happened just in time, it was inevitable, but my new bridesmaid got her dress ordered the very next day and it is scheduled to come in on May wedding is may 23rd.

so i guess my point is, at least you weren't the bride in that situation. If she didn't appreciate you enough to have the courtesy to tell you the time and place had changed, and then to blame you, you don't need that.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
3/2/09 10:23 A

I heard wyoming is beautiful. I would love to go see it sometime.

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
3/2/09 8:36 A

Alley...I wouldn't worry about it then. It seems like you put your best effort forward and it wasn't appreciated...wanna come to Wyoming? (:

2/28/09 11:56 A

I'm both bride and maid of honor in 2009. That coming from the girl who has tried NOT to be in weddings (successfully so far!) emoticon

I get married on May 9 and May 16. I'm American and he is German, so we are doing it twice. My baby sister gets married on Halloween. This year is going to be a wild ride.

I would really like to firm up some more and maybe loose a few more kilos. But, honestly, I can't seem to figure out what a "good" weight is and I don't want to overdue it. I'd like clean curve lines. emoticon

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
2/28/09 1:29 A

She kicked me out. I am no longer a bridesmaid, and we are no longer friends.

We made plans on Saturday to go see flowers this past Thursday, she choose 1pm at a mall, in the food court, the same location we always meet at to go see flowers. She was going to call the MOH to come look at them as well.

I didnt hear anything from Kim, so as far as I knew we were still on. I showed up 10 minutes late, no Kim to be found. I tried to call her cell, it was on, but no answer. I left a message on her home phone on how I didnt appreciate being stood up.

I was able to get her later on her cell. Apparently, it was not set in stone, how could I think it was set in stone?

She sent 6 text messages and 3 emails to tell me off. One of the emails said that we were not even friends to begin with. If that's true, then why ask me to be a bridesmaid if we're not even friends?

All 3 emails, she constantly had to repeat herself in saying that I should not have anymore contact with her, and she'll do the same. She hates the idea that I keep on bringing up the past. If she constantly is late or no-showing (75% of the time)and cant figure out why she isnt invited to a games night and wants to know the truth in why I dont invite her, how can I not bring up the past?

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
2/5/09 4:59 P

As a bride, I would just like to tell you all:

(a) your bride put you in the wedding because YOU are special--we don't care about your size. We will, of course, do everything we can to make you comfortable and help you out, too--but it's YOUR RELATIONSHIP with us that made us pick you (:

(b) try to be forgiving. We are a crazy group of people and we have our weddings pictured "just so," so try not to cringe too much about cotton candy pink dresses (he,he)...and remember, you can always have ANYTHING you buy altered--and more than likely (if it is an option), your bride will want to try to help you with that cost.

(c) It's going to be a fun day--because we love you! a bride...thank-you to all of you willing to help us out in our time of need (giggle).

2/4/09 9:36 P

Doesn't sound like the wedding that I would want to be in either. Too much drama already. Keep us posted :) I LOVE me some good "soap opera" drama!

But in all seriousness, think about your decision long and hard - and your friendship too. Good luck with whatever you decide!

2/4/09 8:51 P

yikes.. that sounds like something from a talk show.. only been together 2 1/2 months and he's not even divorced yet!
what is she thinking.. i wouldn't honestly want to be part of that wedding.

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
2/4/09 8:08 P

I realized that Im answering someone elses question, but anyways...My friend's wedding isn't until 2010. She keeps on changing the date from June to may, back and forth. I do wish she would make up her mind.

One thing she hasnt changed her mind (yet!) is the bridesmaids dresses. We can choose our own, has to be past the knees, in black, could be with sleeves, sleeveless, with or without straps, our choice from any store. It'll be nice, but what I'm afraid of is that if it's not going to be from a bridal shop, she might demand that I have to get the dress now.

I have no idea how much I'll be in 15 months let alone in 6 months. I might be over-reacting, but she's already being a demanding bride. Her fiance (whom she's only been dating for 2 1/2 months) is not even devorced yet, yet she expects her wedding to go as planned on the date she wants and the devorce will be finalized instantly "just like Madonna and Guy Ritchie's."

I'm also so far doing all the maid of honour's work, yet I'm only a bridesmaid. I told Kim that the maid of honour should be helping out more than me, Kim doesn't see it that way. The others are busy because of school, work whatever, Im not, so why bother them, besides, I dont know what its like to work 3 jobs like one of them is currently doing. I try to reason with her (I did do 3 jobs at once myself, so I do know what it is like), but Kim loves to live in hollywoodland and already I am considering dropping out. I've only been a bridesmaid for 3 weeks only.

Am I wrong? Especially when she is known to cancel without even calling me and coming up with a lame-ass excuse later and she gets caught lying.

2/4/09 6:44 P

Welcome giselekim, when is the wedding

2/4/09 1:41 A

Hi - I'm new to spark and am also a bride's maid that would like to get more fit in time for the wedding :)

2/3/09 11:12 P

Thanks!! I am very excited! Its been alot of planning though. In response to the gift of wedding planning--I think that could be a really good idea, but it may be very difficult. If the bride forgots about alot of things, it might cause problems when you have to make appointments and important decisions. I think she would probably really appreciate the help, but be careful--I have known several "brideziillas" and you wouldnt want that to ruin your friendship

2/3/09 8:35 P

Hi there Racheal :) congrats on your maid of honor title :) .. I was maid of honor in my sister's wedding in september of last year.. it was really special.

2/3/09 7:29 P

Hello everyone! I am going to be a maid of honor at my sisters wedding. It is gping to be this November. For the wedding, my whole family is trying to loose weight. We bought the Wii fit as a motivation booster, which I think it definately is. It also made me realize how much wieght I have to loose and how unhealthy I have been. My sister and I went and picked out the bridesmaids dresses, so I was glad I got my say. In the last wedding I was in, I felt like you could see every ripple on my body! For these dresses, I picked out a style that has rouching (or extra folded fabric) over the stomache. I think this is a great way to still feel good and not be too aware of your body.

2/3/09 4:12 P

I've heard that you can get the Spanx off brand at Target. It's the same exact thing, but LOTS cheaper. This was from a friend that never leaves the house without one on!

I'm a bridemaid in my brother's wedding Sept. 19. His fiance and I have never been enemies, but we have been FAR from friends. She totally floored me when she asked me to stand by her. I need to lose at least 30 pounds before the big day, well I guess earlier than that since we have to buy/order the dresses...

Good luck to you all on your goals!

2/1/09 5:44 A

Oh no MJ!
I can't believe she dosn't have a date yet.. how can you plan a wedding with no date set?

I'm going to be purchasing some SPANX before my friends big day... I have heard rave reviews about them. I've had three kids so my stomach muscles are completely shot (working on em though!).. hopefully the SPANX will do their job and smooth out and lumps and bumps I have.

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1/29/09 9:20 P

I to am going to be a bridesmaid, well Maid Of Honor because I am married BUT I am a little flipped out. I have a lot of weight to lose before the date. It has not been set yet but we are already looking at dresses and the bride is not only wanting a LONG dress and I am 5'0 BUT she wants pink! SO if I don't lose the weight I will look like a BIG COTTON CANDY

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
1/28/09 9:06 P

Hey, Im a bridesmaid too, assuming the bride doesnt forget (she was mine when I asked her in 2005, she forgot when my wedding rolled around last year and she forgot she even met my mom).

I'm going dress shopping tomorrow with her. I don't even know when the wedding is yet. I'll hopefully find out roughly when she wants it. It's still in the early stages.

I'm thinking of maybe being her kinda wedding planner as a gift. Is that a bad idea?

1/28/09 7:20 P

Hi everyone
I hope it is ok for me to post here as i'm not getting married (got married June 2005) but am in a really good friends wedding ,they are actually both friends.. i met the groom first but became great friends with his fiance and she asked me to be in the wedding :)

It is August 29th of this year and I really want to lose another 20-25lbs atleast by the time their wedding rolls around.

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