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2/26/13 5:21 P

I'm leaning towards the Whole Grain Linguine half size order. :) I may be a dork, but I've been planning tomorrow's meals already today...I know some ppl do a week in advance, but I do it day by day.....unless I'm going out to eat. I'm happy to report that even w/ Noodles tomorrow, my calories will still be perfect, my sodium under 1650mg, and everything else looks happy, too. Thanks!

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2/26/13 5:15 P

I love their Asian menu. I also am delighted that they have half orders. If you know in advance that you're eating there, you can deal with the sodium levels by eating low sodium the rest of the day. They also have a couple of side salad options for like $1 or $2 if you're ordering a salad with your meal.

Overall, inexpensive food and a great bargain for fast food because of the higher nutritional content - like some REAL VEGETABLES!!! :-)

Good on you for planning ahead ... way to go!!! Now, enjoy! It's a treat.

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2/26/13 5:11 P

I love Noodles & Co, and I love that they have "half" sizes. The half size portions are still really generous. I usually get the half pesto cavatappi at 410 calories and add an order of the parmesan chicken for 200 calories to it bringing it to 610 calories. You could do the plain chicken for only 110 calories and way less sodium (probably what I should be doing haha).

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2/26/13 5:05 P

At the bottom of their nutrition guide, they actually tell you your best options! Looks like ordering from the mediterranean or asian menu is your best option. The sodium's off the chart on everything, but well, that's restaurant eating for you.

I think I'd go for a Bangkok curry or Japanase Pan Noodles.

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2/26/13 4:56 P

I have a lunch meeting at the restaurant Noodles & Company tomorrow. I've never eaten there, but after checking out the menu, they do have selections that will fit in my dietary guidelines (such as calories, fat, sodium, fiber, carbs). If YOU had to choose what to eat at Noodles & Company, what would you choose?

Here's the menu on their site:

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