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NEELIXNKES Posts: 7,985
5/17/11 6:16 P

I tried the Vanilla Chai Bolthouse one and that is a good solution for me. MIL won't drink it but whatever. My MIL lost 6lbs in 1 week so the doctor gave her a list of shakes/supplements to try. I hope she can gain that weight back quickly but since she has been trying for several months just to gain 5lbs and hasn't had anyluck I doubt it. Thanks for the help emoticon

ELENNARE Posts: 574
5/3/11 4:32 P

Bolthouse Farms has some protein shakes that are dairy free. They come in vanilla chai and mocha flavors (I really like the chai one). Odwalla (at least used to) have a really tasty dairy-free protein shake as well (Vanilla Almondo Protein). I'm not sure if they still make it, though, because last time I was at the store looking for it they had a soy and dairy shake instead. :(

Both options are usually in the refrigerated cases near the veggies at the grocery stores in my area.

5/2/11 9:20 P

Ensure is gluten free and lactose free...that is why I was asking more about needs (just lactose free or NO DAIRY)


NEELIXNKES Posts: 7,985
5/2/11 9:10 P

Hmmm... I didn't realize that the Ensure was Lactose free. My MIL may need completely milk free then because she said Ensure bothered her. I will check into it more. Thanks for the help.

5/2/11 8:28 P

If lactose free is all you need, then there are many products on the market. Slim fast shakes, Ensure, Boost, Glucerna, etc, similar store brands---just check the label.
Dietitian Becky

NEELIXNKES Posts: 7,985
5/2/11 7:52 P

It can be either as I didn't realize that some of the shakes were simply lactose free.

5/2/11 7:43 P

Does it need to contain NO dairy, or just be lactose free?? Many of my clients like Carnation Instant Breakfast mix. It contains dairy but is available lactose free. You can get it premixed or in powder. The powder can also be mixed with yogurt---very yummy.
Dietitian Becky

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NEELIXNKES Posts: 7,985
5/2/11 6:21 P

Thanks for the reply. I will look for that one.

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5/2/11 2:38 P

I like Muscle Milk. I think the full fat variety coming in at about 220 cal (premixed) would be a good choice. The "light" option tastes kind of watery and has fewer calories. Plus, then it's mostly just a protein drink I think. I am also lactose intolerant, and all muscle milk products are lactose free.

NEELIXNKES Posts: 7,985
5/2/11 1:51 P

Anybody have any favorite nondairy meal shakes, preferably premade ones? My MIL needs to gain a bit of weight and I would like options for a grab and go breakfast/lunch for myself on those days when I don't feel like eating but need to.

Both of us are Lactose intolerant and the ones that I have tried from trader joes my MIL wouldn't like.

Thanks for any input!

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