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ADIDAALASKA2001 Posts: 21
8/31/11 4:05 P

My promise ring is a tanzanite. I really like it:) It is a pretty purple color. :)

8/30/11 8:36 A

I love the idea of having a pearl. Quahog pearls (the natural purple ones) are beautiful but will cost as much as a diamond if you're at all concerned about the ring budget. I think freshwater pearls come in lavender and they can actually dye cultured pearls if you want a particular shade. I have a sapphire center stone in my ring. My MOH's ring has a combination of her birth stone and her fiance's to symbolize their intent to join together in marriage, which I think is ridiculously romantic but very cute. I hope you guys find exactly what you want, and congrats on your engagement!

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8/27/11 6:49 P

I love your idea about the pearl engagement ring. I also want a ring a bit more unique than diamond. Me and the FH are still trying to find a middle ground (he is a bit more traditional in taste than myself) Congrats on the engagement and enjoy

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8/25/11 8:33 P

My fiance chose an aquamarine - it's perfect. Slightly non-traditional, but still beautiful. Also, they don't generally set aquamarines in "engagement" settings, so he ended up getting me a custom ring (for far, far less than he would've spent on an "off-the-rack" diamond ring). I think you should have something you love, and not worry about what's traditional.

Also, you mentioned you love purple - have you considered an amethyst? They're beautiful too, and probably more easily found than a truly purple pearl. emoticon

QUESTJEN Posts: 25
8/25/11 4:29 P

Anyone else getting something *other* than a diamond? I have my heart set on a pearl (with maybe some tiny accent diamonds, but not necessary). My boyfriend mentioned that he likes the look of a black tahitian pearl, but I'm not really sold on that yet.

Supposedly there are truly natural purple pearls, but they're extremely rare. Now, if I could get one of those? I'd be in heaven :) (purple's my favorite color)

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