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7/3/14 11:14 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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6/5/14 4:02 P

JJHM1123, that is great!

I lost weight at first, 14 lbs, then have been on a plateau for about 6 weeks, disconnected the trackers and final done 1 lb. more.

On the up side, when I went to get some new shorts, I needed a size smaller than the ones I ordered when I first lost!

Baby steps!
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6/5/14 2:14 P

Sometimes 4 or 5 pounds really make a difference! Keep up the great job! Nest thing you know, you will need new clothes!!!

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6/5/14 10:32 A

Non-scale victories can be/should be just as celebrated as scale ones! As long as you're okay with's good.

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6/5/14 9:49 A

That's SUCH a great attitude! I've been kavetching for months about not being able to lose weight, the scale goes down a couple of lbs but then goes right back up - ARRRGGGGHHHH!!! emoticon But there ARE other victories, I FEEL better and I KNOW I'm healthier. It will happen, I know it will, but in the meantime just enjoy the feeling! emoticon

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6/5/14 6:44 A

Great feeling isn't it. emoticon

6/4/14 10:50 P

That is so wonderful.

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6/4/14 6:08 P

Compared to last summer, I only weigh 4 or 5 pounds less. But when I was getting my capri jeans and shorts out, I noticed that my comfortable size 16W capris feel too big, while the ones that were too tight last summer, size 12-14, fit comfortably!

This was a brutal, long cold winter, and we had a snowy cold spring, and the past winters I gain, but this year I stayed pretty much the same! The slight loss started in spring when I started getting out walking again.

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