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MYRAL85 Posts: 260
3/20/12 11:18 A

In a small cup or pinch bowl mix together some garlic powder, onion powder and smoked paprika, sea salt, black pepper and dried green herb of your choice in proportions that you like and sprinkle on catfish fillets, mist with a little olive oil and bake in the oven till done. Really good and quick.

BEMOORE68 Posts: 46
3/17/12 12:47 P

At the hospital where I work we use cornflake crumbs and spices to coat it. If you are more into a whole grain coating, you can use whole wheat chex and some flax meal with seasonings.

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2/29/12 11:20 A

Mix together a spicy salsa (very little liquids), put the catfish in foil, top with salsa, seal tightly, and bake. You won't believe you're eating catfish.

Pan saute catfish with cilantro and salsa. Let it break up into pieces. Once cooked until flaky, add to whole wheat tortillas and make into catfish tacos. Serve with some charro beans or kale salad.

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2/29/12 11:00 A

Thanks. I'll definitely try that!

2/29/12 7:11 A

Hi - I make catfish in the oven that comes out just like it was fried. Just dip the fillet in egg whites and then into cornmeal. Place it on a sprayed pan (I use a stone - from pampered chef) and bake until crispy on the bottom and then flip until done. It is soooo good! It is so much healthier than fried food. Hope you like it:)

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2/28/12 4:59 P

Anyone have recipes for catfish fillets other than fried? That's about the only fresh fish we have around here but I don't want to fry it (too many calories). Appreciate suggestions

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