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Non-food/non-monetary Reward ideas needed!

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1/26/13 3:06 A

Instead of spending the dollar or so that is your reward on food, try something else! Buy yourself a book that seems interesting. You can even read while on the bike at the gym! Easier cardio!! Just a thought :) It has helped me loads!

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1/26/13 2:40 A

Do you keep a money jar with spare coins going into it? If so, you could designate that your reward - when you hit a goal, whether it be weight, or so many days/weeks of eating more fruit, etc., then reward yourself from the jar. Maybe a haircut or a facial. I know that it is a monetary reward, but not like it would be coming straight out of your pay packet.

Apart from that, I have been known to pour a little favourite perfume into my bath and soaking for a long time. I have also walked the neighbourhood picking Lavender and using a little of my own Rosemary, and squashing it into a jug then filling it with water. I microwave that until the water is boiling, and then let it seep. It really permeates through the house and makes it smell real nice, too, just like incense. When it is cold I strain it. That is fantastic going into a bath. You don't need much - the rest keeps in the fridge for quite some time. It is also a really good hair rinse - again sparingly, and with a tiny bit of lemon juice added. It's refreshing and relaxing.


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1/25/13 8:36 P

I really like both of those ideas! I have tons of bath and body products that are collecting dust and I do have a hard time giving myself "me" time without the associated guilt. Thanks for the input! :)

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1/25/13 7:58 P

It sounds like you've already got a lot of good thoughts. I don't have too much to add, but here are a few:

1. Meeting a certain goal gives me "permission" to slather on my favorite sweet-smelling lotion. The thing I like best about this is that smelling the lotion at various times of day reminds me of my thumbs-up. I suppose this did cost a few bucks to buy, but I already have some stockpiled in my closet.

2. It sounds like you've got a really busy schedule, but sometimes my goals earn me "time" to do something. I give myself permission to do whatever I want guilt-free, no thinking about what I "should" be doing.

I'll have to keep thinking...

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1/25/13 4:06 P

Non-food/non-monetary Reward ideas needed!
Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello sparkpeople!! I need help determining some ideas for non-monetary rewards that I can give myself for meeting my goals!

I've been reading a lot about the neurology behind habits (making good ones and breaking bad ones) and I have determined that my plan lacks "small, tangible rewards" For example, the books I've been reading suggest that, "If you make a goal to stick to a budget, and you do, then rewards yourself in a small way, if you meet your goal. For instance, have a glass of wine after you asses your budget for the week"

The author suggests that the reason we often find it difficult to stick to a budget (monetary or caloric) because these goals don't have short term payoff. For example, I swore off my $4/day latte habit, because I could see it was adding up to lots of cash and calories! However, the latte provides a short term reward (caffeine/sugar rush) where as the $4 and 400 calories I saved, provide a long term reward (saving money / eating healthy) It may be a month before I feel healthier or a year before I take that vacation. There lies the problem. I need a small way to reward myself, now!

How do I reward myself in a way that doesn't involve spending money or eating/drinking rich indulgences? I like the idea of a glass of wine, but I don't like wine. I don't drink and even a glass of wine gives me an awful headache. However, I LOVE the idea. It's a very small way of patting yourself on the back and having tangible evidence you did something good. I think of it as the "gold star" effect. So, I need to translate this into rewards that apply to my situation.

I had considered actual "gold stars" literally keeping a kindergarten-inspired calendar and putting a gold star on it every day I meet my goals and frown-y faces for bad days! (lol)

I also considered a small square of dark chocolate or a scoop of fro-yo (however, this is still food....)

I love to have my nails done and considered giving myself a manicure, but that's too much like work on most days (I keep an insanely busy schedule.... even manicures have lost their fun & having it done professionally is too costly!)

I considered a "guilt-free" movie night with my fiance, where we put on netflix and switch off our phones and laptops and watch a nice movie (but let's be honest, I can't sit still for 120 minutes!)

I don't have children, so family rewards are out.

Then I considered the idea of very SMALL monetary rewards (example, $1 splurge on a burrito... but then, that is both food and money... might as well have my latte!)

I also considered the "dollar in the pot" game, where every time I meet a goal, I put a dollar in a pot, which is "free money" that isn't included in my budget and can be spent any way I choose. Then I realized, I need every dollar in my budget and even a few dollars a week can make a difference on a tight budget....

I'm really struggling with this! Help! I can't figure out how to congratulate myself without spending money or eating something!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

love always!!!


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