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"Many lower-quality options contain fillers to enhance flavor or taste. Unfortunately, they can also cause bloating or gas. And some types of protein are more digestible than others. If your current protein supplement is causing excessive gas, shop around for a new brand. It’s about finding a high quality and digestible protein that works for you"

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Some seeds have pretty solid amounts of protein, though I can't for the life of me remember right now which ones are best. (I'm thinking of things like sunflower or pumpkin seeds; I add them to salads when I'm on a salad kick.) Other types of meats and beans of course, also chickpeas. Lentils are quite high.

It's possible you may be able to boost your protein amount a bit by switching up the types of grains you eat -- some have a lot more protein than others.

With both meat and eggs in your diet you shouldn't have any trouble getting into the recommended ranges in protein unless you're restricting calories too much, it's probably just a matter of priorities.

5/1/13 6:41 P

Here is an article about whey vs. casein.

I use MRM Veggie Protein vanilla for my shakes. It is a mixture of hemp, pea and rice proteins, 22 g per serving. They also have chocolate.
Hope this helps.

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I like to use soy and rice protein. These powders are used to boost protein content in foods I'm already eating.

The soy works great in pancakes. The rice for cookies and brownies. I like to experiment. Unfortunately protein powders can rob some moisture, so try adding some applesauce.

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When I meet my protein requirements (which I usually do, but occasionally I fall short by ~5 g or less), I'm pretty consistently RIGHT at the bottom of my protein range. Yesterday I consumed the highest amount of protein that I've had on any day since I started tracking on SP, which put me 24 g above the lower end of my range, but 52 g from the top. Also, I've been getting in a lot of fitness minutes (primarily with running & walking, but I intend to add some strength training exercises), and I often jog in the morning. My breakfasts tend to be much lower in protein than the rest of my meals, and I'd like to consume more protein to support my fitness goals.

Thanks for the recommendations - I'll look into them! :)

4/30/13 8:15 P

Other protein powders: soy, egg, rice, pea, hemp

Are you not meeting your SP protein range through regular foods in your diet?? If you are meeting this range, then additional protein powder supplement is not necessary.

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I've heard good things about pea protein - I'll definitely add it to my list of contenders!

Right now I'm also looking at PlantFusion, SunWarrior Warrior Blend, Garden of Life RAW Protein.

If anyone has any thoughts or experience with any of these products, I'd really appreciate any feedback. :)

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I love Pea Protein powder. It's vegan, and has 25 grams per serving:

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Any recommendations for non-dairy protein powders? I am allergic to casein (not whey, though, and I am not lactose intolerant). We have some "100% Whey" powder in the house, but I'm wary of it, mainly due to fears of cross-contamination.

Also, if you can think of any other excellent non-dairy protein sources, feel free to suggest them! Some of my go-to items at the moment are shrimp, skinless chicken breast, edamame, black beans, eggs, & nuts or peanut butter.

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