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3/24/14 11:17 A

I enjoy 3 ryvita crackers with soya spread,2 with a hard boiled egg split between then and the 3rd with almond butter. All washed down with a mug if green tea

VORTEX33 SparkPoints: (10,114)
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3/24/14 10:07 A

I'm a fan of cottage cheese or a slice of hearty bread with a slice of cheese or slice of turkey. I love breakfast foods but I am terrible about actually eating breakfast. I try to always have something quick on hand for the days I don't prepare my yogurt parfait the night before.

DEANNA0725 SparkPoints: (22,611)
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3/24/14 9:11 A

I have a friend who eats whatever health foods whenever he chooses to do so. He said that he doesn't like to have a limit to what he can or should eat at any particular time of the day. If we can have "breakfast" for "dinner" then why not "dinner" for "breakfast".

3/24/14 9:04 A

Dinner leftovers are great. I also love soups in the morning, sort of a like an extra big warm bowl of coffee (except food).

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3/24/14 8:32 A

I eat a lot of chicken for breakfast -- 2 oz of chicken cooked many ways -- I especially like it marinated. I put 2 oz in a baggie and have it for breakfast at work with either some fruit or veggies. I have also eaten homemade hummus for breakfast with veggies and salsa. All delicious!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,410
3/24/14 2:14 A

Or, how about soup? Lots of countries serve savoury soup as the "typical breakfast".... for example I was recently in Mexico and the local specialty ("birria"), I ate on several occassions, it was intended for breakfast and if you showed up at my little fonda of choice too late in the day (i.e. much past noon), they'd be out.

Here's some "international cuisine soup ideas" -

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3/23/14 11:23 P

years ago my sister used to cook her main meal to be eaten in the mornings. They would start the day with roasts, casseroles, etc. She lost weight! I think a lot has to do with the fact the the normal 'evening' meal was more filling and took longer to digest. It is certainly worth a try if you are bored or want a change.


BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,410
3/23/14 10:03 P

Any dinner leftovers work for breakfast.

I tend to use up leftover cooked veggies (any type), mixed with egg. Kind of like egg fu yung... though i'll change the seasoning depending on what I have, and what i feel like. Maybe it'll get a dash of soy sauce and sesame.... or maybe some jalapeno and cilantro.... or maybe lemon pepper... etc. If i don't have leftover veg I just stir fry some whatever - cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, chard, onions, bok choy, *whatever*. And then i stir in an egg or two. That.. is my favorite breakfast.

TSAILES Posts: 1
3/23/14 9:31 P

I usually have a green smoothie (which I looooove), but I' thinking about switching it up a little.. Who says I have to eat breakfast food for breakfast? I know a trainer who eats fish or whatever fits into his regime. Any ideas?

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