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I do (have an active without exercising lifestyle), plus I'm only 18. I only have 50 min classes, and I get antsy sitting in them, so I'm moving every hour during the day time (running around campus), plus I routinely go up to the 5th floor of a 19th century builing multiple times a day.

My arms feel like they are going to fall off at the shoulders actually! I haven't kneaded fondant...since I swore I wouldn't hand color them anymore a couple years ago. But that's what I was thinking- it's a lot of calories for a small muscle group.

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1/23/13 7:30 A

For someone that light, you seem to have a fairly active (non-exercise lifestyle).

So if you are trying to estimate calories from kneading, you also have to remember that you aren't burning calories doing whatever you would normally do.

Those bodymedia numbers seem pretty high, and you are right to take a conservative approach.

250 (2300 minus 2050) ADDITIONAL calories seems reasonable. The arm muscles are considerably smaller than the legs, so if you really had burned 841 calories through kneading alone, you'd really know about it.


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1/23/13 3:39 A

Yesterday, I spend about 6 hours baking a cake for a friend. While some of the time was spent just measuring stuff out, letting my mixer do the work, or washing dishing, most of that time (probably a good 3 hours or so) was spent kneading coloring into fondant (much like how you knead dough, but a bit tougher).

I know this doesn't count as cardio, and I wouldn't call it "activity" in the way that say, walking briskly is activity, but since I did it for such a long time, it definitely added in quite a lot of calories. Over the course of the 4.5 hours since I started the fondant coloring until I finished (I did take breaks... that stuff is difficult), BodyMedia says I burned 841 calories, which is about 450 calories extra than I would have had I just been reading or studying for that time (I tend to fidget and stand up a lot). It's actually REALLY normal for me to be "moving" in ways that aren't walking. I don't like to sit still!

450 calories for 3 hours of active kneading seems still a bit high for me. That's 150/hour, or really the equivalent of walking for me. I do realize that BodyMedia only claims to be ~90% accurate, but even still- if I was on the lowest end of that interval... That's 400 extra calories, right? And then, keeping on that 'low end', I burned 2300 (bodymedia said 2580) or so calories during the full day, which is 600 higher than what SP tells me I'd burn without exercise.

Most days, my armband will say I burn ~2050 when I don't do any cardio, which checks out fine for me because I DO walk quite a bit to and from classes, study a lot, and can't sit still for any length of time... but is it possible that on days where I am standing up and working with my arms, I really do burn as much as the armband says I burn?

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