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No workout for a week - change calorie range?

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Posts: 349
4/12/13 9:23 A

Thanks everyone. I think I will do that. I can try to get her to move, but to me, it's not worth the fight with her. Last thing I need is for her to tell me I am ruining her vacation again.

Thanks again!

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Posts: 26,532
4/11/13 1:03 P

I think you will find that 1300-1400 calories will work nicely.
Perhaps there are some days you and your mom could take a walk together and get in some physical activity.

SP Dietitian Becky

Posts: 236
4/11/13 1:00 P

It's fine to lower it if you'd like but make sure never to go below 1200 cals.

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Posts: 1,012
4/11/13 12:50 P

Yes! Definitely change your calorie burn goal in SparkPeople (there's a small link under your weekly goal on the Start page) to account for reduced/removed exercise. It will adjust your calorie range for how much you should be eating when you aren't exercising.

Posts: 349
4/11/13 12:05 P

Hi all, I am way pre-planning, but my mother is coming in for a week in a couple months. To account for teh weekend at the beach, I will be working 4/10 days. While she isn't here, I will probably still hit the gym after work, but while she is here, I feel guilty since I wouldn't get home until late. To get around it, I was just going to skip a week of exercise (and enjoy my mother's company) and just track my food.

My question is whether or not I need to adjust my calorie intake to be lower for that week. I am burning 1600 calories a week which gives me a substantial amount of calories to eat: 1430-1780. Should I lower it to a level with no exercise for the week?

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