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7/20/13 6:04 A

You cannot necessarily digest everything you eat, and that is certainly true for an overfilled slow metabolism. It's kinda like throwing large pieces of wet wood on a small bank of coals, it likely will not burn completely (wet wood being hard to digest food, and the coals your metabolism). To the contraire, throw kindling on a hot fire, by the truck load, whadda ya get?

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7/17/13 10:15 P

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7/17/13 12:39 A

I sometimes wonder how it is possible that I didn't gain a lot more weight than I did the last few years before I started all this tracking.

If you do some reverse calorie tracking like Gavin did and then apply the 3500 extra calories = 1 lb rule, it doesn't make a lot of sense. He mentioned that he ate 18,000 calories in a day once and, if you do the math he should have gained approximately four pounds that day alone. Of course he didn't though and the same math doesn't work for me either.

If I eat fewer calories this week than I burned, I will lose weight but somehow there have been a lot of weeks these past few years where I ate a lot more than I burned and I didn't gain weight accordingly. How can that be so?

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4/16/13 3:30 A

Tracking food is so important . We tend to take things for granted.

4/14/13 2:47 P

You'll be able to drop 25% of your current weight just by eating better (that's not counting calories, that's just making better choices).
Good Luck, Brother!

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4/14/13 11:06 A

I started the program back in January and I did the same thing and I was finding that I was hitting 8000-10000 everyday I worked and was hitting 12000-15000 on my days off and even tallied one Saturday up at over 18000 calories scary and I was doing that consistently over the last 6-7 year but amazingly only gained about 40 lbs

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4/12/13 12:22 A

For sure. I actually didnt even put the soda in the tracker, if i remember correctly. It's so easy to drink a ton of it without even really realizing it. I mean, you get a big old drum of coke with the meal, then later you're running errands and stop at a convenience store and grab another one. Before you know it, as you said, it adds up and you could have had another meal instead for the same calories!

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4/12/13 12:17 A

Soda is the sneaky one, it is what most people forget about yet it has as many calories as you probably should have per Then you got the diet sodas that make you think that you are doing better but they are making you hungrier...It is a vicious cycle...

4/12/13 12:12 A

My story:
Sedentary for the past 19 years
No exercise or physical activity
Terrible diet: junk food, rarely eat nutritious meals

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4/11/13 11:40 P

I thought this was kind of appalling so I figured I'd share. Started eating better a few days ago. Before that, my life consisted of pretty much solely fast foot and whatever I felt like at home whenever I felt like it. I had no organization, no accountability and frankly just didn't care.

So I'm tracking my food yesterday and decided to put in what a typical Taco Bell meal I'd normally get just to see what the count would be. Now for the last 4 days, I've had a total of 1800-2000 calories per day. In one meal, one of my typical "overdoing it" meals at TB ... 1930 calories. As many calories as I've eaten per day in the last 4 days. Now you tack on the McDonalds I ate for breakfast and the pizza or other fast food I ate for dinner and man, I must have been racking up nearly 5000-6000 calories per day. And the soda, can't forget the soda. Drank that like it was water.

So yeah, while I'm sure none of this is news to anyone here, just thought I'd share my findings. Frankly, it makes me wonder how I'm not bigger than I am.

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