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This is Sparkpeople, not weight watchers. It'd probably be more helpful for you to ask them. I am not familiar with the program other than it works on a system of points.

More information would be helpful like your age, weight and gender. How many calories you consume. Do you exercise, how much? Did you recently begin an exercise program. What kinds of food you're eating. Do you measure and weight everything you eat?

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Most likely you are doing nothing at all wrong. If you are female and the right age, you most likely have one week a month (may be a different week for different people) when you weigh a pound or two or three more than normal, and another week a month when you weigh a pound or two or three less than normal. It is also possible to gain or lose similar amounts just based on the time of day, how recently you've eaten or gone to the bathroom, how much salt you've taken in recently, and so on. A few weeks into my own weight loss I had this same thing happen to me, literally overnight! (I was weighing every day.) I knew perfectly well I hadn't changed anything between the two times stepping on the scale, so I just figured it would work itself out eventually, and after a week or two it did. (Edit: none of these sorts of gains and losses have anything to do with fat; it's all just water weight and therefore meaningless.)

No single weekly weighing should ever be taken very seriously; even two weeks can sometimes lead you astray. Be confident in your lifestyle changes, keep going, and when you look back in six weeks or a couple of months it'll all look very different. There's very little magic to weight loss for most people, as baffling as it can seem at times.

(Also, probably best to use all your points, as a rule.)

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It takes as much as 6-8 weeks for healthy lifestyle changes to show up on the scale. With your two weeks, yuo've lost 1.5 pounds per week... that's normal, and average loss. Stick with it, and give it time. Weight loss isn't a linear process. There will be weeks you lose, weeks you don't, maybe even weeks you gain. All are normal, and not a sign of something wrong.

6/24/13 9:34 A

Also, are you exercising? It can be really hard to lose weight just by limiting your calorie intake because restricting enough calories to make a difference usually results in too low of a daily calorie intake. That's why regular exercise is crucial to any weight-loss program.

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6/24/13 9:15 A

Maybe you are not eating enough if you have points leftover. Talk to your leaders at WW (or whatever they call them :-)

6/24/13 8:55 A

This is my second week on weight watchers and I didn't lose a thing. I lost 3 lbs the first week and had extra points left over the second week. What am I doing wrong?

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