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6/6/14 8:48 A


Try updating your ADOBE flash player. If you're on an old version of Adobe, that could be the reason you're not getting any sound. Spark People uses adobe flash. And I can tell you, adobe flash can be "flaky". so make sure you've got the most update version. It's easy to install.

BEACHGIRL328 Posts: 2,801
6/5/14 9:34 P

no that was the first thing I checked, then I thought there was something wrong with my speakers so I moved over to the video section on Sparkpeople and I get audio there and everywhere else on the internet just not the daily spark emoticon

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6/4/14 9:01 A

Is your mute button on ? Some times people don't realize the mute is on. Also, if you are using external speakers instead of an on board sound card, do make sure your speakers are on.

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6/4/14 8:57 A

I also lost the audio and it is only on this site AND it is only on the Daily Spark videos, I can listen to the ones on Spark Coach as well as any of the Coach Nicole videos.
If i see something that looks interesting to me on Daily Spark I have to look for it on You Tube to actually hear it.

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11/9/13 6:47 A

Most of the time when I'm on my computer, I have the volume turned all the way down because I can't stand the bing-ing and clicking and noise from ads etc. I have to remember to turn it on, when I actually want to hear something. Maybe that's it for you, too?

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11/8/13 4:27 P

make sure your speakers are plugged in and turned on?

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11/8/13 3:29 P

I have no sound on the videos

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