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4/26/13 8:37 A

Thanks for the support. Every fitness/diet book always says to make sure that you sleep well, which is easier said than done for me. Such a relief to realize that it's only the cat.

Now that I've fixed that, maybe I can finally lose weight!

ELOQUENTZ: Thanks for the info on the temps. I know that one temp doesn't mean anything (although now it's 3 days), but it might be a sign that I'm sleeping more soundly or continuously than in the previous 3 months that I've been doing this.

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4/25/13 3:43 P

Well, for your basal temps, one temp out of many, as you know, means really nothing. Actually if I started getting more sleep, I'd expect the temp to go down, not up, unless of course you've just ovulated.

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4/24/13 1:37 P


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4/24/13 9:21 A

My cat comes in the middle of the night and purrs while kneading on my pillow before settling down to sleep on my pillow. It's adorable, but he does it at least twice a night. I usually wake up exhausted, and on the worst days, I am completely non-functional.

Last night finally remembered to lock him out of our room. He woke us up with meows and pawing at our door at 3 am and 5 am, and then when I made a tiny noise at 6 am he ran to the door and meowed again, but wow what a difference. I slept like a baby! Even with the interruptions.

Btw, for others TTC: I take my temperature first thing in the morning, and my temperature was higher than it's ever been in the 3 months that I've been doing it. Maybe a good sign?

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