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10/8/12 1:25 P

Way to go! That gives me hope. I've heard rumors that one could change one's palate over to savory but haven't ever given it an honest attempt. How long did it take before you noticed the sweet cravings fading?

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10/3/12 9:48 P

I might give this a try as my sugar craving is escalating this week in anticipation of Canadian Thanksgiving. Thank you.

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10/3/12 3:21 P

Way to go!

10/3/12 2:20 P

That is Great!

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10/3/12 12:57 A

Wow, this is good news. Are your sodium levels normal? All the oyster, soy and other sauces are loaded with sodium. I am glad you have found something that is working for you. Congrats.

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10/2/12 10:48 P

This seems like such a little thing but for me it is such a big victory...since I switched over to my Chinese style eating plan (which isn't really even an eating plan's more me eating the majority of my meals chinese-style from my cookbooks as a lifestyle change, one I am having no trouble keeping up) I've found that my cravings for sweets have decreased severely and can easily be solved with an apple or a pear or a smoothie made of strawberries, soft silken tofu, yogurt and milk. Yum! But honestly, I don't crave ice cream anymore, my sodium consumption weirdly enough is down and my need for sweets is phenomenally low. I've even gotten a taste for unsweetened green tea...which I drink all day. I'm more energetic and happier in general, and I don't crave the food at work nearly as much pales in comparison to my authentic Chinese meals and homemade sauces. I really think I have changed things for the better this time, this is something I could keep doing for the rest of my life.

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