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B4IAM30 SparkPoints: (891)
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5/20/14 8:00 A

Dana, that is great! I have had one can of diet mr. dew since October and I"ll tel lyou I don't miss it either. The first week is the hardest. I udnerstand how hard it is to quit and youo're doing great

WTLOSS2LAST Posts: 18,389
5/19/14 4:16 P


I'm a diet pop addict --- so I know where you're coming from!


WDWCHICK Posts: 829
5/16/14 8:10 P

That is awesome. It's not a small feat, that's a big accomplishment.

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (41,989)
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5/16/14 10:17 A

Yay, you! Soda is really a monkey on some people's backs. You did a remarkable job kicking them to the curb. So proud of you!!
You can do anything now!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

QUEENMARIE2 SparkPoints: (47,604)
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5/15/14 4:25 P

emoticon !!!! Take it from a Coke-aholic, I understand. But giving up the cokes was the best thing I could ever do and the weight started coming off. Now I can see people drinking them or see them in the store and not crave them. keep up the good work

DANALMILLAN SparkPoints: (18,586)
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5/15/14 4:19 P

I have finally went an entire week without one soda! This may not be a huge feat to some but for me it was very difficult. I was an avid Mt. Dew drinker and I do not mean diet Mt Dew either. When I came back to SparkPeople, I was drinking between 2 or 3 Mt. Dews a day (20 Oz. bottles) and I was a sipper not a drinker...

Now I drink nothing but water and juices after switching to diet Mt. Dew for 3 weeks and gradually increasing my water intake. I never thought I could do it but i am thankful I had the strength and willpower.

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