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Thanks! You both have some good ideas. I have gotten into the habit of cooking a big batch of something every week-end, but have been eating it for dinner. I could switch this around, though, and have it for lunch instead. Or maybe get several batches going at once so I can vary lunch and dinner. And I hadn't thought about a frozen meal. Even if there isn't room in the freezer, it would probably be OK to leave in the frig or an insulated lunchbag since I would be heating it up that same day.

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Have you considered making your own lunches instead of having the microwave ones ? I know the microwave meals may be portion and calorie controlled, but a person shouldn't have to rely on them for meals. You can make a healthy salad or sandwich in minutes for the same number of calories in one of those meals.

What I do for lunch is to cook a big batch of whatever on Sunday. I put the meal into small microwave containers. When I go to work, I grab a container and zap it at lunch. If you don't want to cook because of the heat, bring a salad or sandwich.

If you do want to continue with a microwave lunch, have you tried any of the organic meals ? Amy's frozen meals are pretty tasty. Try one when they are on sale.

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7/18/13 11:38 P

Have you considered buying an insulated lunch bag to avoid the office fridge? An office microwave gives you a lot of lunch options. I batch cook and then put the food in individual containers for the fridge and freezer. In the morning lunch is packed in seconds. My homemade food is healthier and tastier than frozen processed foods.

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I'm so distressed. Our local Publix stopped carrying Healthy Choice Lunch Express. I checked on-line and it looks like Healthy Choice isn't making them anymore. I had gotten into a groove eating them for lunch at my desk. For the calories and sodium, I haven't found anything else that is as easy or as tasty. I bought some Velveeta lunches that were displayed in their place, but both calories and sodium are higher. I used to love the chicken flavor ramen noodles, but the protein was too low. I added a can of chicken to increase the protein, but the sodium was already too high. And the calories were out of whack, too, especially after the added chicken. I'm worried that if I can't find a better replacement, I'm going to have difficulty continuing my weight loss. Anyone have any ideas? I have access to a microwave at work. There is a refrigerator, but I prefer not to count on it if possible. Sometimes there isn't any room in it and often times it smells more than I want to expose my food to.

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