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82NORTH Posts: 119
9/12/13 3:31 A

I highly recommend Cassey's vids:
and they're all on youtube, so they're free.
Hope this helps!

ITSABSURD SparkPoints: (18,393)
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9/12/13 12:30 A

I just started the doyouyoga free 30 day program online. Love it!

SLINKY44 SparkPoints: (3,740)
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9/11/13 10:18 P

I have a collection of dvds from Jillian Michaels, Beachbody, Ellen Barrett, etc, but the ones I like the very best and get the most effective workout from are Bob Harper's dvds. I bought a pack of 4 of them at Target for $16 and you can also buy them from his website for $4 each, so that is hard to beat in price. His series of videos called "Inside and out method" has a very challenging cardio dvd with basic moves and the strength one is great too. I find Bob to be pretty motivating and funny, without the gruffness of Jillian. Good luck!

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CBRAVO18 SparkPoints: (10,677)
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9/11/13 7:45 P

Kettlebell workouts! A quick Youtube search will bring up plenty of workout videos. Just search for beginners videos. I bought a $10 kettlebell at Marshalls..they have plenty of different weights and workout balls there as well

SUEPERWOMAN Posts: 3,351
9/11/13 7:26 P

NETSUE64 SparkPoints: (118,384)
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9/11/13 7:08 P

I used to think I had to go to the gym but never really went. Since joining SP I've found I can get my workouts done in the time it would take me to get to the gym and start working out!

I love Coach Nicole's 28 day bootcamp DVD. At first I didn't think I could ever make it through. She has the basic and more challenging moves. Soon I hope to get her new DVD as well, maybe for my birthday or Christmas.

When I am short on time I use the videos on SP. Coach Nicole has some good ones there and there are others to sample.

Good luck!

PHYLMAC79 SparkPoints: (10,633)
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Posts: 3
9/11/13 4:43 P

The best fitness DVD's without a doubt, belong to Cathe Friedrich. I do her routines almost exclusively and have been doing that for over 10 years! She always challenges, has a mix of cardio and strength, and a faithful following. Her website( is simply amazing. In addition to being a support group, it also has tons of ideas for making your life better. I simply can not say enough....:)

MICHELLEWARNER SparkPoints: (151)
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9/11/13 4:20 P

Good to know I'm not alone in the Leslie Sansone love! I used her almost exclusively in the beginning because she was all I had the stamina/coordination to do. She has a HUGE variety from beginner to advanced (I did a 4 mile "boosted" walk video today) and the moves are simple.

I'm a Zumba flunkey, I can't even do Zumba Gold (aka Senior Zumba), so Leslie was a Godsend. If you can walk in place, step side to side, lift your knee and kick your foot - you can do Walk Away The Pounds.

I also do Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. Yes, it's hard. No, I can't finish the whole thing, but it challenges me to get better and I'm trying. Again, no complicated moves, and I like that.

Wish you the best!

ps. Like the others have said, you can get these videos straight off YouTube if you can't afford to purchase. It's a great way to try before you buy and see if you like them.

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PASTEELERS05 Posts: 183
9/11/13 3:11 P

I like anything by Leslie Sansone, but then I'm partial because she lives where I live. I bought the Beachbody video's......I got 4 of them for 19.95. Other than that.....the weather is nice so I like to walk and enjoy all the beautiful things that God has created. Before I know it.....snow will be on the ground and I'll be stuck inside. Good Luck!

SEAGRAVESA SparkPoints: (1,371)
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Posts: 5
9/11/13 2:51 P

I am new to Spark and can honestly say that I hate going to the gym. I have a gym membership and have not been if months. I don't feel comfortable there as of yet, but one day I will work my way to it. I hate going by myself is the main reason why I don't like going. I am trying to find the right at home workout video or game to play on my Xbox that will keep my motivated and will show me the results that I am looking for. Can anyone give any suggestions?

MSOMAMA2 Posts: 44
9/11/13 1:14 P

I really enjoy the spark people videos, it makes it super easy for me to enter in calories burned that way.I like Jillian MIchaels, but only if I am in the mood for being yelled at:)! Also I am into the Prevention fitness series of DVDs. They usually have the same trainer and she is great. There are quite a few to choose from.
A coworker swears by the T25 workout DVDs. I believe it is by the people that do the Beachbody workouts. She can get a great workout in 25 minutes. The reason I haven't purchased is they are pretty spendy and the reason I do exercise DVDs is to save money on a gym membership!

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DRTOVAH SparkPoints: (106,385)
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Posts: 388
9/10/13 11:26 P

I've been enjoying the spark videos

WILLOWYGIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 103
9/10/13 11:04 P

I really love blogilates youtube channel. Its by Cassey and she is really upbeat and fun. I also like Jillian Michaels, but I don't think its as good in terms of HIIT

PASTEELERS05 Posts: 183
9/10/13 8:19 P

I Leslie Sansone.....and she is so sweet. I feel special because I new her personally

SUSAN727 Posts: 1,880
9/10/13 4:55 P

Leslie Sansone
Jane Fonda

Sparkpeople videos

ALICIALYNNE Posts: 2,219
9/10/13 12:24 P

I absolutely LOVE Jillian Michaels' Kickboxing workout. Although I own a couple of her other ones, they aren't my style personally - I am not much into the "bootcamp mentality". However, they are very, very effective. People rave about 30 Day Shred. That is especially good if you are looking for a quality strength-training video.

I love, love, LOVE the Star Trainers cardio workout. My favorite sequence is Violet Zaki. Totally works you out, without having the negativity that I think Jillian Michaels uses. As the title suggests, this video is for cardio. If you are looking for something more oriented to strength work, then this one wouldn't be your best bet.

CANDACEMM Posts: 1,218
9/10/13 12:02 P

I vote for Sparkpeople videos ....

I know that some of the Jillian Michaels videos are available on youtube ... actually, there are quite a few videos available on Lionsgate BeFit You Tube Channel. Here's a link to their you tube page which has a TON of videos for free:>

9/10/13 11:42 A

Thanks to TiffanyM. Searched Jessica Smith on YouTube and there are some really good workouts. Especially looking forward to doing her by the pool/on the beach ones this winter. emoticon

IMREITE SparkPoints: (409,547)
Fitness Minutes: (294,947)
Posts: 20,725
9/10/13 12:33 A

it depends on what types od exercise you like. Crunch studios has a bunch of different videos that give a gym class feel but it is still an at home video, There is a lot of variety in the types of exercies.

Going to the library is a great way to try several different kinds of exercises and you dont have to pay if you dont like them.

FITMOMOF7 Posts: 322
9/9/13 11:26 P

"BEACH BODY" beachbody dot com

Hands down the very best exercise videos for working out at home.
As a former competitive gymnast, cheerleader and aerobics enthusiast I have high expectations for good workouts.
These are the best videos on the market. I have completed almost every one of their videos and have in turn lost the weight I have gained after each pregnancy. : )

xo, Michelle

SHEENUH SparkPoints: (22,772)
Fitness Minutes: (26,631)
Posts: 177
9/9/13 9:32 P

I love any of the beach body DVDS- especially turbo jam! I also LOVE the New York City ballet workout. It's TOUGH and a full body challenge! I also enjoy a bootcamp style 8-disc set called "Weider x-factor:ST" I picked it up at walmart for 39.99 because I didn't want to pay over 100+ for P90X- it's a similar workout to p90x- my MIL bought me p90x for christmas and I enjoy it, too! I have a turbo jam collection, p90x, and the yoga booty ballet series all from beach body. I think you should try their DVDS- you can find them used on amazon and ebay for huge discounts! I don't recommend buying directly from beachbody because they use lots of gimmick-y techniques to get you to try their vitamin/nutrition supplements and additional products. However, they provide such a quality workout DVD, I can't live without my beachbody!

9/9/13 9:09 P

Haha PITDDRAGON...Great minds think alike!

9/9/13 5:17 P

If you have an On Demand type service or Netflix, they offer a wide variety of rotating exercise videos in any skill or exertion level. Since you're already paying for those if you have them, why not use them? These are usually of professional quality, unlike some of the things you might find on YouTube or the general internet.

Edit: Trixie beat me to this while I was typing. Drat.

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9/9/13 4:13 P

I agree with all those who suggested the SparkPeople videos...I really like Coach Nicole.

If you have a used bookstore where you live, you should be able to pick up some videos really cheaply. Used bookstores are also a great resource for healthy cookbooks.

Also, our cable provider has free workout videos in the On Demand lineup. They rotate them out periodically, but there is a wide variety so you can try lots of different things, so if you have cable or satellite you might check to see if that's offered.

Good luck!

TIFFANYM1181 SparkPoints: (2,189)
Fitness Minutes: (2,087)
Posts: 2
9/9/13 3:52 P

Check out Youtube - there are a lot of free, and good videos there. Two of my favorite channels are JessicaSmithTV (plenty of low impact workouts) and TiffanyRotheWorkouts.

I usually make myself playlists depending on what I want to do - one long workout, a few shorter specific ones, etc.

The only issue is having to wait on an ad before videos sometimes, but that's worth saving the cost of a gym membership I think. :)

SUE5007 Posts: 748
9/9/13 3:16 P

Just wanted to also suggest checking your local library. That way you can "try before you buy". emoticon

SIMONEKP Posts: 2,744
9/9/13 3:08 P

There are some exercise channels on youtube and I use a variety of workout dvds from Jillian Michaels.

MOMMACASSEY SparkPoints: (74,077)
Fitness Minutes: (62,730)
Posts: 1,813
9/9/13 1:58 P

I am also a big fan and supporter of the absolutely free SparkPeople videos. They get the job done, you get a huge variety of workouts and exercises, and you can watch more than one if you want to go a little longer or have a little more time--or you can spend as few as 7 or 8 minutes if you don't have the time.

I've found that even if my video card is acting up, and I can't see the video well on my computer, Coach Nicole describes pretty well what she's doing, so you can still follow along.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,449
9/9/13 1:47 P

There are a lot of great videos right here on Spark People.

HARSHBSK Posts: 43
9/9/13 1:15 P

Search for "Pop Pilates" or "Blogilates" online. She's got a ton of youtube videos, mostly pilates, that are 5-45 min long. I just started her calendar of videos....I'm combining that with walking, so everything is very low impact. Don't worry if the positions are hard to do at first. I do what I can and then use them as goals for improvement :)

9/9/13 1:14 P

I love Amy Dixon's Breathless Body-it's tabata training. There are 8 rounds of exercises and you do each one 8 times at max intensity with a short rest in between. You can do as many of the 8 that you want and she has modifications for beginners, intermediate, and advanced exercisers so you can get a lot of bang for your buck with it. I would suggest her first one if you're just starting out-the second one is a bit harder with all the plyometrics.

PASTEELERS05 Posts: 183
9/9/13 12:44 P

Leslie Sansone is from here....New Castle, Pa. That's where I'm from. She used to have a business called Studio Fitness. I don't know why....but she closed it down. Anyway......she did an infomercial and I'm on it!! She's great and I love doing the "Walk Away The Pounds" Video!! I still use that and my stretch bands!!

CMORGAN253 SparkPoints: (2,146)
Fitness Minutes: (480)
Posts: 79
9/9/13 12:37 P

I love the ones on here when I'm short on time - Coach Nicole makes you work up a decent sweat in about 10 minutes. There's also a good variety of other videos. I also will look at yard sales, thrift stores, and places like half-price books (a used-book store chain) to get cheap, interesting DVDs. Personally, I LOVE the Yoga Booty Ballet Live DVDs, and can frequently find them for around $2-6 each.

Other great resources include, where people can swap items completely for free and Craigslist, where people will often sell things cheap.

Hope this helps!

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,614
9/9/13 12:25 P

You Tube, local library and swap with family and friends. Go to local yard sales they sell them very cheap.

OAKDALE41 Posts: 973
9/9/13 12:04 P

check out your local library. They have workout dvd's that you can take out and try.

SKABELS2 Posts: 77
9/9/13 11:36 A

I'm a big fan of "sweatin to the oldies", but I also agree that SP has a lot of really great exercise resources that you can do at home.

9/9/13 11:26 A

Leslie Sansone

HAPPYLISA17 Posts: 213
9/9/13 10:33 A

Michelle Khai has a wonderful kettlebell video.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (194,338)
Fitness Minutes: (253,550)
Posts: 2,243
9/9/13 10:31 A

Nothing beats a pair of tennis shoes & walking outside! For videos--you can always record early-morning workouts off tv...check the tv listings.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,361
9/9/13 7:32 A

emoticon the SPARK VIDEOS. emoticon

YOGAGEEK SparkPoints: (6,917)
Fitness Minutes: (13,224)
Posts: 130
9/9/13 4:59 A

In addition to the videos on this site, I love They have a huge variety - HIIT, barre, weight training, stretching, plyometrics, etc. - for all fitness levels, ranging in length from 5 to 90 minutes.

If you're into pilates, is also good, while for yoga is my favourite.

All the sites listed above are free, quality videos from trainers/instructors.

JDOL1028 SparkPoints: (64,199)
Fitness Minutes: (86,895)
Posts: 18
9/9/13 1:11 A

I love the sparkpeople videos here and I've also purchased a few in store. Love the newest one.

SIRENALEANNE SparkPoints: (47,364)
Fitness Minutes: (52,156)
Posts: 759
9/9/13 12:17 A

I just did the coach Nicole cardio blast and it was really alot of fun. I plan on keeping up with this DVD. I also use the Leslie Sanson You Can Do Pilatis. Its great for improving strength and flexibility. I'm a big girl and even I can do these DVDs

ELSELTZ SparkPoints: (2,833)
Fitness Minutes: (3,538)
Posts: 49
9/8/13 10:05 P

Also check out the "no excuses workout" or NEWO. There are free membership resources and paid resources. He works on a very basic, accessible level. I like the free printout PDF exercise circuits, but there are also videos.

QUINSMUM SparkPoints: (404)
Fitness Minutes: (156)
Posts: 6
9/8/13 9:33 P

Thanks everybody! I will look into all of the suggestions.

KITTYCAT64 Posts: 599
9/8/13 7:48 P

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. I love Rodney Yee A.M. Yoga, Gentle Fitness by Katherine MacRae. I still gave Richard Simmons and they are doable. I love to walk. I will not be sad when the bugs go whereever bugs go in the winter.

KEVINSBEBE Posts: 1,326
9/8/13 6:43 P

Sparkpeople videos are great. I use them too, also a great workout at home video is Leslie Sansone's walk video and also I enjoy the Biggest Loser ones.

LIVN2BFIT SparkPoints: (4,093)
Fitness Minutes: (3,354)
Posts: 209
9/8/13 6:26 P

I agree with Jenni....use Spark's vast collection...many are 10 minutes and easy to fit can often use common household items if you don't have free weights/or's free & manageable...

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
Fitness Minutes: (86,286)
Posts: 2,489
9/8/13 5:25 P

Spark has a collection of workout videos you can use under "Articles & Videos" at the top of the page and in the drop down box, "videos".

QUINSMUM SparkPoints: (404)
Fitness Minutes: (156)
Posts: 6
9/8/13 4:22 P

I don't have the time or resources to join a gym. I do walk, but can only manage about 11/2 miles when I walk and my allergies tend to thwart this activity when smoke or pollen levels are high, so I need something I can do indoors. I am very overweight and need something low impact to start off with... any suggestions? I do walk about 2-3 miles a day at my job, but that only helps me maintain this weight. ..please help

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