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MARLINDA5 Posts: 8,073
9/7/10 12:40 A

You are lucky - if I don't excerise and eat what I should not - I pick up a pound and then it takes a couple of days to get it off or more

MISSY0356 SparkPoints: (37,866)
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Posts: 1,209
9/6/10 7:22 P

I'll take staying the same over a gain anyday.

9/6/10 3:45 P

at least you are not gaining :)

WRMJR66 SparkPoints: (34,817)
Fitness Minutes: (18,875)
Posts: 85
9/4/10 7:52 A

With my splurge last night (at Buffalo Wild Wings), I'm not surprised my weight headed north. I think it will come down pretty quickly, though, as I get back on track with a beautiful weekend.


JIBBIE49 Posts: 59,387
9/4/10 12:51 A

Stay with it. At least you are AWARE.

WRMJR66 SparkPoints: (34,817)
Fitness Minutes: (18,875)
Posts: 85
9/3/10 10:35 A

Today is the first day the scale stayed stuck for me. I ate more yesterday (by design), so I'm not too surprised. At least I didn't GAIN any weight.


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