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1/25/14 11:24 A

Do you have a library card? There may be some DVDs you might like at the library.

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1/25/14 7:53 A

There are a lot of chair (seated) exercises on youtube, too.

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1/24/14 9:24 A


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1/24/14 6:52 A

You might want to check out our Limited Mobility Lifestyle Center:

All of the workouts here can be done from a seated position.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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1/24/14 6:50 A

Hi Sparkers!

To make a long story short, I've got an old foot injury that has been causing me trouble recently and needs some medical attention, but my insurance doesn't kick in until the end of March (grr!!)

Between now and when I can get to a doctor to start getting treatment, I need some help with no- or low-impact cardio exercises. I don't have access to a gym right now, so anything that requires equipment or a pool is out, and I'm also flat broke right now so anything that involves buying a DVD or at-home equipment is also out, which is what makes it so difficult! Also, walking is out, because anything more than 10-20 minutes leaves me in pretty severe pain.

With all of that, you can probably see why I'm frustrated! So, anyone have recommendations? Chair-based exercises, cardio videos available free online, etc?

As far as my limitations: I can bear weight with no problem, but I can't balance on my left foot. The repeated impact of walking makes it hurt, but standing or shifting weight back and forth does not. Thanks everyone!!

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