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No energy due to illness : (

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Posts: 5,854
10/28/12 3:38 P

I hope you find what is wrong and you'll back to feeling like yourself again soon! God Bless and good luck!

Posts: 1,361
10/28/12 3:06 P

Thank you all for your support! Feels great reading all these comments! emoticon

Posts: 3,858
10/28/12 1:18 P

Good luck. Keep us posted.

Posts: 1,003
10/28/12 9:24 A


I hope you get good news at your appt. take it easy until the docs give you the go ahead for more vigorous activity. The most important thing is YOU.

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Posts: 3,136
10/28/12 2:45 A

I am glad to hear that you are going to the doctor. Too many of the threads (I am not exercising and I feel sickly and I did an injury to myself, but I'm taking care of it on my own, so why am I not getting better) there is no doctor or specialist mentioned. I do hope it is not serious, and you can get better soon. Take care of yourself and don't push past what you feel comfortable doing. emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (219,782)
Fitness Minutes: (196,120)
Posts: 6,861
10/28/12 2:37 A

Good luck. I pray that the doctors finds what is wrong with you.

Posts: 6,034
10/28/12 1:19 A

Follow through and take care of yourself. If it is a breathing issue you may go to a Pulmonary Physician, as I had an oxygen issue and was referred. The tests are nothing to fear and I was helped! Good Luck!

SparkPoints: (119,167)
Fitness Minutes: (61,201)
Posts: 2,378
10/28/12 12:33 A

Hope you get well soon! Drink lots of liquids and keep a diary of how you feel. It might help when you see the doctor again. Hope you feel better soon!

Posts: 217
10/28/12 12:18 A

emoticon Hope you are feeling back to your old self soon. Health stuff is no fun at all especially when it interfers with your goals.

SparkPoints: (325,335)
Fitness Minutes: (301,117)
Posts: 68,405
10/27/12 10:54 P

get plenty of rest

Posts: 3,470
10/27/12 10:14 P

I know how you feel I have a cold also and no energy

SparkPoints: (42,705)
Fitness Minutes: (86,189)
Posts: 742
10/27/12 10:08 P


You are in my thoughts.

SparkPoints: (23,111)
Fitness Minutes: (62,461)
Posts: 776
10/27/12 12:25 P

Take it easy. We'll be here for you.

Posts: 5,717
10/27/12 12:23 P

I pray that it's nothing serious!

Posts: 1,361
10/27/12 12:15 P

Thank you all for your support! I also thought my iron was low since i had the same issue in the past. There are so many diseases linked to my symptoms, at this point I just want to know what I have so I can start taking care of myself.

Posts: 13
10/26/12 6:44 P

Wow, I was thinking maybe your iron was low when I started reading your post-that's what was wrong with me when I had no energy. Hope your cardiologist can rule something out. Take good care of yourself.

Posts: 66
10/26/12 6:19 P


SparkPoints: (165,501)
Fitness Minutes: (67,827)
Posts: 9,171
10/26/12 6:16 P

Remember that your overall health absolutely comes first, so don't be hard on yourself about not working out. You're taking care of yourself exactly the way you need to, especially with the fainting.

Hope this works out better for you in the end!!! Glad you're seeing a cardio doc!!

In the meantime, try some other sedentary things to help you keep your sanity - meditation, deep breathing, etc.

Good luck to you on your journey!!!

SparkPoints: (1,281)
Fitness Minutes: (1,876)
Posts: 1,049
10/26/12 5:24 P

I'm sorry that you're not feeling good, I hope you feel better! In the meantime you could pay more attention to nutrition instead of exercise. I had to do that at first and I still lost tons of weight and maintained after.

SparkPoints: (160,197)
Fitness Minutes: (37,706)
Posts: 26,595
10/26/12 4:54 P

That is a scary feeling especially knowing it could be a heart issue. I hope when you are out walking you are not alone, or at least have a cell phone on you. Hope the cardiologist appointment goes well and the problem is something easy to fix and that you are feeling better soon!

Posts: 1,361
10/26/12 4:50 P

So I decided to see my doctor since I have not been feeling like my normal self lately. I can be up as early as 6am, but with no energy to move around. I have not worked out for about a month now. Only the normal walking I do every day. I am still not sure what I have, but since I have been fainting my doctor thinks I might have some kind of heart condition. At first I thought I was anemic since I have been pretty weak, but all my test results have come back normal. My oxygen has been low and I can feel it while I'm walking. I talk and feel like I have to stop and catch my breath! I am schedule to see a Cardiologist in a couple of weeks. I hope I'm back to normal soon!


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