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5/5/13 1:02 P

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5/5/13 9:39 A

It's only been 4 days... changes don't happen overnight, be patient and keep working at making steps toward a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes when people start a new exercise routine they don't see a change in scale weight for weeks.

Take your focus off the Marshmallow.

"Toning" is marketing muscles to women who are afraid if they pick up a barbell, they'll leave the gym looking like She-Hulk. It doesn't happen, what does happen is you get results. Lifting Barbie weights does nothing but waste time.
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5/5/13 7:56 A

4 days is not enough time to know whether or not something is working. Give it at least a few weeks before worrying that you might need to do something different. Also, make sure you're eating enough b/c eating too few calories will hurt your weight loss efforts in the long run just as much as eating too many will.

Hang in there!

Coach Jen

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5/5/13 7:33 A

I started to track all of my foods that I eat for the last 4 days .but threre is no change in my weight loss yet..I have lost my appetite they put me on crestor makes me sick at my stomach can't eat as much..I have not been able to work out since tuesday got a stitch in my I feel it is always something why I can't loose this weight..Dr.s put me on crestor my trygl.was 438 and have to get them any advice will help

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