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12/16/14 12:30 A

emoticon emoticon

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7/18/14 8:23 A

Just because you are staying within your calorie range, doesn't mean you're eating the right calories. If you're eating a lot of processed foods, sweets, fried foods, etc, that will have an effect on your weight loss. Make sure you're eating lots of veggies, fruits and lean cuts of meat. Tuna and/or salmon included. I read the other day that tuna boosts your metabolism.

I recommend adding in some strength training 2 days a week. I know you're working a lot of hours, but only 20 minutes, twice a week will make a huge difference.

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/17/14 4:04 P

I have a similar calorie range and a sedentary job and I really only lose if I eat at the bottom of my range. I also notice that the more "packaged" and "prepared" foods (i.e. boxed foods, restaurant foods, fast food) that I eat, it tends to slow my weight loss, I've always attributed it to the sodium. I don't know if you are eating these things, but just something to keep in mind if you are.

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7/17/14 11:26 A

I have the same recommended calorie range, but I only lose weight when I stay below 1350 and even than I have to exercise. So maybe you are still eating too much.

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7/17/14 7:34 A

I'ts ok - I get it about the tracker emoticon

"I usually stay near the upper end of my calories."

Then you need to start going to the lower end most days. Aim for 5 out of 7 days perhaps at 1200-1300.

Help yourself stay and feel full with protein, (good) fat, and fiber - especially fiber if you find yourself getting constipated a lot. Do you know what your current fiber intake is?

I wouldn't worry too much about exercise right now - you are working a ton of hours.

I lost the majority of my weight simply by tracking and staying at the lower end of my range. I also have a very sedentary job (lol...and lifestyle), so for me eating around 1500 a day does nothing for me - that's about maintenance (because no exercise).

Have you tooled around any with low carb?

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PJJJSAGE Posts: 104
7/16/14 11:29 P

Yes, I would think changes like that could slow your loss. I know it seems like a long time of being "stuck", but since it seems like you've lost a fair amount of weight, it could also just be a plateau.

Since you're working so much right now, just trust in the system and keep eating within your range. Maybe once your work calms down, you can think about starting to up your exercise routine. Adding strength training will benefit you all the way around.

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7/16/14 10:16 P

I'll start with my food tracker. I don't share it because I think it is a very private thing (and I never look into other people's food tracking as well). Different things work for different people, so forgive me on this one emoticon . My daily calorie range is 1220-1570. The eating plan is 50/30/20 (carbs/fat/protein). I usually stay near the upper end of my calories, and I have greatly improved in staying within the 50/30/20 parameters (not long ago my carbs were always much higher!). I do measure mu food with a scale or cups, and do my best to track everything (even when I have bad days and eat more or things I shouldn't). As I said before, since I started working (about two months ago) my exercise routine has not been very effective, but my range is set to lose without workout. I DO try to have some kind of activity though, because I have a sedentary job and I already feel the pain of it! My meals are pretty much the same, especially the breakfast, which is a veggie omelet most of the times.
Now, after my thyroidectomy last year (until when I had lost 44 lbs and after that surgery gained 12 back!) I suffer from severe constipation and find it very hard to lose weight compared to the time before. Another thing which made me think today, I have been working a lot of overtime hours lately, nearly 20-25 extra hours on top of the 40 regular ones. That, you may guess, does not leave much time to sleep. And I admit, I am very stressed. Can these things be the cause of this situation?

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KASTRA Posts: 369
7/16/14 2:21 P

If you're certain you're measuring and tracking everything and know for a fact that you're following the diet (i.e., menu, not short-term weight loss plan) that works best for you, have you tried changing things up a bit? For instance...

If you aim for the exact same calorie and nutrient totals each day, maybe swap in a bit of calorie- or carb-cycling to get your metabolism out of the rut it's fallen into?

If you do the same workouts and burn the same number of calories each day, change your workouts and mix up how much you burn daily.

Do you eat the same things all the time? Swap in some new foods with different nutritional contributors.

If you've already tried all that and are still in a rut, change everything. If you follow the 50/30/20 plan diligently, try low-carb for a while. If you do low-carb, try 50/30/20. If you do something different, change to something that offers a significant change of how the food will be processed. It doesn't have to be long-term - you can change back to whatever eating method works best for you - but just long enough to shake up your system and get it out of that rut.

Plateaus happen, though 28 days is technically not a plateau yet. Still, it's easy to get discouraged. Definitely take your measurements, particularly if you're exercising more than you used to; you'll probably be pleasantly surprised. Some of us lose pounds slowly, but the measuring tape and clothing fit are our best friends.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,618
7/16/14 1:13 P

What is your recommended calorie range and how sure are you that you are eating within this range?

Do you weigh or measure your foods somehow or are you eyeballing portions?

If you don't have one, I highly recommend a food scale. You can get a nice one (a digital one that weighs in grams and ounces and which has a tare feature) on Amazon, at Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc. for about $25. I was never able to lose any weight until I started using a food scale and weighing and then logging everything.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (87,167)
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7/16/14 12:52 P

As long as I am not gaining weight, I am WINNING! That's how I like to think about it. Sure, when I lose, it feels like a bit more of a win but staying the same is no small feat.

It looks like you've already lost 30+ pounds. That is fantastic. Sometimes we hit plateaus and don't lose for a while. As long as you're not gaining, be proud of the progress you're making.

BYEPOUNDS Posts: 7,204
7/16/14 12:27 P

It happened to me as well.

My weight loss was so slow, at times it was discouraging.

I made it a game to use the trackers for the daily points while my body decided to give the weight loss.

Best to you!

EELPIE Posts: 2,700
7/16/14 11:48 A

In order for people to help you, you need to be a bit more specific.

What is your daily range here on SP?

On average, how many calories a day do you eat? Carbs? Protein?

How long is many, many day? 6? 12? 27?

Did you measure yourself when you first started? If so, have you lost inches?

How is your sodium intake? If you do not know, add it to your tracker. Too much sodium can hinder weight loss.

If you cannot answer the tracker (cals, carbs, protein, sodium) questions, make your tracker public for a day or two - so people can accurately see what is going on, and provide better aswers. Change it back to private if you wish, after you have gotten good feedback.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,441
7/16/14 11:46 A

The previous posters have asked you some good questions. Do you measure yourself? Is it possible you've lost inches even if the scale isn't moving? Do you feel like you're tracking pretty accurately?

Coach Jen

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7/16/14 11:38 A

"The quantity of food I eat is barely 1/3 of what I used to eat. "

That can be the problem.

What is your calorie range?
Do you weigh, measure, and log everything?

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/16/14 11:09 A

Would you mind sharing your tracker? It will help us to help you.

PSCHIAVONE2 SparkPoints: (19,476)
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7/16/14 11:07 A

Everyone so far is having the same idea but I will say it a little differently. Do not use the scale as your only indicator of change. Eating better and exercise will effect so many facets of your life, from sleeping, working, intimate time, mood, and even pooping. Your measurements may also change well ahead of the scale. Really examine all aspects of your life for change and I bet you will notice some good things going on. The scale will eventually catch up with that reality.

JENNIEQKA SparkPoints: (32,363)
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7/16/14 11:02 A

I haven't lost ANYTHING in 28 days! It is so disappointing. And I am pretty sure that my overall eating habits are 100% changed. The quantity of food I eat is barely 1/3 of what I used to eat. And yes, I do make sure I eat my veggies and fruit servings daily and drink my water. My tracker is set in a way that I am supposed to lose without any exercise. I do try to incorporate activity whenever I can, even if it is a 15 or 20 minute walk (if not else). Yet, nothing.

TRIPLEMWF Posts: 906
7/16/14 11:01 A

How long have you been at it? Are you making sure to hit all of your other nutrition goals and not just focusing on calories? Weightloss is more than just calories in vs calories out. I know that for me personally, I usually stay the same for several days in a row and then will wake up one morning and BAM two pounds gone.

CAROLINAGIRL69 SparkPoints: (72,522)
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7/16/14 10:56 A

How long have you been tracking and exercising? Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to notice a change on the scale. Are your clothes fitting any better?

JENNIEQKA SparkPoints: (32,363)
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7/16/14 10:52 A

For many many days, I have been tracking my food and whatsoever activity I have had. My reports tell me I am in the losing range, but I don't lose. I feel discouraged. It's like...I am doing all the right things, but the scale doesn't budge! Maybe I should really diet... and I find it so hard to do! Any suggestions?

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