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There is an old notion that if a person loses weight, they'll be happy. This is a total misconception. People assume that if a woman has a fabulous figure, she too must be happy. But this is incorrect. Thin women have just as many insecurities about their bodies as overweight women do. I've seen this in my own weight loss journey.

When I weighed over 200+ pounds, I knew I was overweight and needed to lose a few pounds. I thought I was average. Little did I know that I was really morbidly obese. Nevertheless, the point, when I was overweight, I just thought I needed to lose a few pounds. I was reasonably happy. When I lost the weight, I was thrilled. BUT, I was also more critical of my body. I hated looking at myself in department store three way mirrors because they seemed to emphasize every flaw I had. And it wasn't the mirrors, it was my own self criticism.

Like many, I kept wondering why my body didn't seem to be good enough after losing the weight. Isn't that what all the late night infomercials and diet books say ? lose weight, be happy ?!

You're right. Good health isn't just about losing weight. Not only do we have to change our bodies, we have to change our psyche and emotions too. That's something the diet books don't teach you. They don't teach you how to learn to love yourself.

That's something that comes with time an introspection.

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I know a few people who lost weight but are no different. They even tell me they feel no different with just a slight difference in energy on some days only. They claim they still feel fat, they are still insecure, they still are lonely. It goes to show me the weight was not the problem, the problem is what made them gain weight. I have weight to lose and mine is habit now but it started out as a problem as a child that I carried with me until age 19. I am 45 now and still have bad eating habits like eating when stressed even though over 90 percent of the time I no longer do that. I still want quantity over quality sometimes I think that is due to having seven siblings and wanting to get my fair share or some other dumb reason. I feel fortunate that no matter my weight I feel pretty confident. I just figure if someone wants to judge me on my weight alone then they have problems because I know who I am and I love who I am, but that does not mean I have no room to better myself. I really feel sorry for people who get to goal only to feel the same way. Please work on inside too, it hardly seems fair to feel so bad after so much hard work.

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