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AUDREYUK Posts: 631
8/19/12 5:59 A

This is going to sounds mean, but I think the woman is just flat out an idiot. If she's that gullible she will probably never be able to figure out how to eat healthy in the land of endless food marketing.

MAGGIEMURPHY4 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/19/12 5:53 A

I think the law suit is valid because they are suing ConAgra (the maker of Parkay spray) for INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING consumers in thinking it is 0 calories when the serving size is impossible to measure. It is like saying peanuts are calorie free if you only eat 1/12 of one peanut or any other food.

Spray oils are considerably less calorie because they can be spread over a large area using less oil...why not just be truthful and say that 3 one second sprays equals 30 calories (or what ever it works out to) It is still a lot less then pouring a Tablespoon into the pan. But saying it is 0 calories because the laws state that if the calories are less than xx is intentionally misleading. (in my opinion)

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/18/12 8:29 P

No shenanigans SCTK519.

The woman's story isn't the lawsuit filer's, it's just taken from online, and all it says is she couldn't lose weight because she didn't realise this spray wasn't actually zero cal.

Two bottles a week is about 1600 calories, or about half a pound difference. It's entirely plausible this was someone seeking to lose the last few pounds at a healthy half a pound a week and wondering why she wasn't getting the results her maths suggested she should.

There's no indication the story came from an obese person or someone who was piling on weight while using the spray - notice that despite your comment otherwise, it doesn't even say she gained (it does say she "could not lose hardly a pound", so I guess there was *some* loss going on).

REDDOGMOM SparkPoints: (21,975)
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8/18/12 8:08 P

Everything is always someone else's fault. I'm not fat because I gorge on sugar and unhealthy foods and sit on my butt watching TV all day long.. I'm fat because of this spray. Geez

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/18/12 5:08 P

Suing is fine ... just sue the right people. Suing a company for following the existing laws is just stupid.

MAGGIEMURPHY4 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/18/12 4:45 P

Welcome to the USA Deb...nothing get done because it make sense...It takes someone to sue and make it hurt in the pocketbook before changes are made. I actually looked it up online when I started using cooking sprays...because I knew if it said vegetable oil and 0 calories something was up. I never even noticed that the serving size was 1/5 of a second. But I could not believe all the people who thought it meant they could spray it on like butter and it had no calories. I looked it up because I wondered what chemicals were in it in place of calories. I would have never guessed 1/5 of second was what made it 0 calories.
I wondered when someone was going to sue.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
8/18/12 4:43 P

I call shenanigans on this woman's story. There has to be something else in her diet that's causing her to get unhealthy and gain weight. If she's going through 2 bottles a week, that's 186 g of fat, averaging to 27 g/day, which is only half a day's recommended intake and it only accounts for 238 calories/day. There's no way that the butter spray is what's making her gain weight; she's gotta be intaking some other unhealthy foods or too much healthy food. I hope she doesn't win. There's a reason serving size and nutritional info exists, not to mention, any food that advertises no calories has to be loaded with who knows what chemicals.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/18/12 4:18 P

Going after the company is nuts. They're following allowed packaging laws that state that anything with les than 5 calories "per serving" is permitted to label as "0 calories". So they've set their serving size so low that they can do that (1/5th of a second - really?).

So her suit is valid, but she's far better off to pursue the lawmakers and get that law changed, rather than any individual company. It's done what it is legally allowed to do - the suit will most likely get thrown out as they clearly haven't broken any laws.

If you personally also think this is stupid, why not write to your local congressman or whatever, and start raising a stink about fair labelling laws on food? Getting that law changed, so products cannot set a serving size so miniscule the total calories is under 5 specifically to claim 0 calories on their labels, would be a good thing!

MAGGIEMURPHY4 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 936
8/18/12 3:16 P

You know the one that kills me is PAM it has no calories if you only spray if for 1/5 of second....I would love to know who could count 1/5 of a second....What it usually ends up being is about a teaspoon by the time you cover the pan...but it still is a lot less and easier than trying to put 1 teaspoon of oil in a pan and cover it.

Sorry I didn't see the article attached...LOL

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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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8/18/12 1:03 P

No surprising. Anything that is labeled as fat or calorie free can still have an actual calorie count. There's a minimum amount that they have to report, but if it's under that, they don't have to. That doesn't mean it's anything.

I think it's kinda dumb that she was dumping it on everything... even if it was calorie free (truly) then that was still not smart! Calorie free doesn't mean absent of chemicals, additives, and other fun things in your body.

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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8/18/12 12:35 P

No calorie as long as you stick to the serving size!!

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