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If you want to change it just schedule your meals again to something like you did before. Not being hungry in the morning is the normal result from having eaten a lot late the night before.

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My suggestion would be to start planning your meals again, focusing on mini-meals throughout the day like you ate before. If you can get back into a regular routine, even if you're eating when you aren't particularly hungry, that can help reset your hunger cues and bring your appetite back.

When you say you aren't hungry until "well after the hours I shouldn't be eating", do you mean later at night? What matters is how many calories you're having over the whole day, not when you're consuming them. I wouldn't recommend going the whole day without food, but it's okay to eat something in the evening if you're hungry.

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Hello, I had gotten onto a great eating schedule, where I was eating 5 small meals a day, and they were healthy. However, I had to deal with some medical issues and have since then lost my appetite during the day. I wake-up and don't get or feel hungry until well after the hours I shouldn't be eating. Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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