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7/24/13 1:59 P

The problem that I have is that I've lost 26 lbs (not much more to go) but none from chest, so my bust has stayed the same. So, the band is smaller and the cup size is larger. It's somewhat difficult to find a 34 inch band to begin with but when I do it seems to be for everything else but what I need (34DDD). It seems like everything stops at a 36DD. One day I'll get a reduction. It doesn't help being short either (5 ft even). The one thing that has been the best investment (besides a great bra or shoes for workouts), has been the compression shorts (no more chaffing - sp?).

Edit: Yes, we do deserve cute things to wear. But when it comes to clothes for working out, I just want things that fit.

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7/24/13 1:00 P

I get my bras from Even if I go to a specialty bra shop locally, they rarely have more than one style in my size.

It goes up to an H and it's awesome. I have 3 in different colors right now and I wear them to run (I'm an H) and I have almost no bounce at all.

Seriously. Awesome.

Barenecessities also seems to have added some workoutwear up to a 3x if you're interested. Limited selection, but it's there.

Also, I get it shipped to Canada and the shipping and duties are reasonable, if that's a concern.

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7/24/13 12:44 P

I hear ya. Athletic wear, in particular athletic bras, seem to be a problem for me to find. I'm very short, but pretty wide, and even when I'm slim I have fit issues in all types of clothes.

Fact is, at least for athletic wear, I've given up on "cute" and just go for "fits". Even if it's in a color I hate or a style that I can't stand. For instance, I hate capris, but non-capris are always too long. I hate pink, but if that's what's left in a size that fits, that's what I buy.

Athletic wear IS supposed to fit tightly, though. If it's too loose, it can chafe at the skin and that plus sweat can hurt a LOT. I'm wincing just thinking about it. If you don't feel comfortable exposing your shape (I know I don't), you can wear something looser over it (like a t-shirt over an athletic bra, or a looser pair of shorts over the athletic bottoms).

It is frustrating, but I try to stay focused on the goal of health rather than being self-conscious. And I change out of my workout gear into something cuter as fast as I can after I'm done!

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7/24/13 12:42 P

I've found the same problem and I've found some great plus sized workout clothing sites, but their prices are ridiculous.

I did find this which actually suggests old Navy, Target and Lane Bryant.

I've also had some luck at WalMart, but it takes awhile to pick through their plus sized section.

A quick google search of Plus Sized fitness wear will give you a whole list of sites that are out of my price range for clothes i don't want to wear for long. You may find that you have to go online to get the sizes you want from places like Nike.

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7/24/13 12:32 P

I don't know where you live but if you have a Shopko near where you live they have plus size athletic wear. The 3x is very generously sized.

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7/24/13 12:11 P

here's a thread with 400+ posts. I'm sure you can find some ideas there.

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7/24/13 12:04 P

5'8. 255 lbs size 3X, can't find athletic wear in my size! If I do find a cute outfit, the" athletic fit" fits way to tight. Very UN motivating to see all the smaller sizes and nothing for us larger women who want to begin exercising/walking, Are manufacturers discriminating against us who want to reach a more normal size?? Don't WE deserve something cute to wear?

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